Do special order items have a datecode?

  1. For those of you who have purchased special order items, did they come with a date code? I am curious to know. Thanks
  2. hmmm...good q! I don't have any SO items, but I would think that they SHOULD, there's no reason not to right? lol
  3. From the ones I've seen ,they do have date codes but in a different format.
  4. oohh I never even thought to ask that

    good question
  5. Yes.
  6. hmm, thats a really good question!
    i guess they would have to have them, right?
    but special...
  7. Agree with Lee - the SO date codes are different than the usual ones
  8. NEW ?
    Do SO have the same type of warranty by LV that a reg model b/c its not necesarily tested for endurance. Like the physics designed behind it might not be right but b/c it was your design and if it falls apart, do the cover it?