Do (somewhat) subtle imperfections bother you?

  1. I'm sorry, I have to slight imperfections on your CLs bother you??? I ask because I noticed on my new wedges, the fabric on one shoe is cut a little different then the other. Not by much...a little less than a quarter inch but it makes it look like I have more toe clevage on one foot. This makes like 4 pairs of my CLs that have small imperfections. My red patent pumps have bubbly leather on one side, my nude simples had a dark tint to them, my patent/cork bruges have bubbly cork, and now my dear wedges. Not enough of a thing to return them, but just enough to annoy me a little. I understand and appreciate that they are hand made, but I also understand and appreciate my $700! LOL!!!
  2. Oh and my nude patent yoyos had a funky heel! Okay, I'll stop now. lol!
  3. Yes, imperfections like that do bother! It's difficult because they're always right there when you look down... :shrugs: And it seem to get worse when you keep looking at them... :blah:
  4. They bother me a lot. Even though no one notices, it makes me feel really self-conscious and I get fixated on them. I have the kiss me wedges and there is a 2mm indent on the lips that I noticed when inspecting the shoes. My bf thought I was crazy, but I was so upset!!! For all of this money, you should get perfection.
  5. I think you have to ask yourself if you can live with the imperfection after the "newness" has worn off. I had a pair of CLs that were scratched at the toe and it may have seemed trivial to some people but I returned them. I would prefer that the scratches, smudges, etc. come from me after I pay $500 or $800 for shoes. :lol:
  6. I have to totally agree with Tiffany on this... Because they are handmade I do understand that each is slightly different, but unless the harm is done by me (which still annoys me nonetheless) I want my shoes to be perfection when I buy them, especially for the price! (And this is why I get my super detail orientated boyfriend to inspect each shoe- I usually overlook things in the midst of excitement:p)
  7. Yes, the imperfections bother me, but not having the shoe would bother me more. I have come to accept with defeat that I will find flaws in shoes that cost upwards of $500. Is it right? No. The only time I would return a shoe is if I felt that it would be more harmful to wear it or if it looked grossly damaged.
  8. I agree. for $500-$700 I want perfection so that any "marks" come from me when I am wearing the shoes. I am not paying $60 at TJ Marx or Marshalls, I am spending a considerable amount of money on what is to be a quality shoe.
  9. Oh yeah, little obsessor that I am. I swear my left simple pump tilts to the left. I try to remind myself that they are crafted by hand. Now it would depend on the extent as to whether or not it got returned of course. Just like I try not to obsess about the sole. They are meant to be worn, but that does not keep my from constantly checking them.
  10. They bother me to the point that I imposed a ban on CL last year.

    I came back this year for some staples (i.e., my new simples) but have already sent back 2 or 3 pairs with obvious defects. I can't rationalize the price for imperfect shoes. IMO, handmade shoes should have NO excuse!
  11. I suppose if it were very noticeable it would bother me because I work hard for my $, but honestly I just wear them. I try to be careful with them and I freak if I accidentally scrape them while getting out of a car or something...but I dont study each stitch or anything like that. :smile:
  12. I agree with everyone above. I want them perfect, BUT as Lavender said before, I cant live with out them, so I just deal with it. Afterall, each one is made by hand, so they cant be exact. Correct me if im wrong, but thats what it said on Oprah.