Do some of the WOCs not have hologram/authenticy cards?

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  1. Sorry if this has already been addressed...I searched and could not find anything.....Some of you have seen the Camelia WOC that I got last week from Saks. Well I didn't think about the fact that it didn't have a hologram/authenticy card...this is my first WOC, so I just assumed WOCs didn't. But now I've seen some pics of WOCs that do have holograms/authenticy cards & I'm wondering---is mine supposed to have one also?!?

    Does anyone know? I freaked out and pulled out the Camelia to double check--and NOTHING! Any advice would be appreciated! Thanks!!
  2. WOC should definitely come w/auth card and hologram sticker; even my compact wallets and key pouch comes w/them. The stickers are usally hidden some where in a tight corner, but there should definitely be auth card. Have you contact ur SA to see if it was in the boutique? GL!
  3. yea should def come with one...
  4. Wow now I'm really worried because I can NOT find it anywhere!!!
  5. i know this sounds silly, but could it be in the box or zipper? all of WOC came w/it, it's either in one of the cc slots, zipped compartment, or at the very bottom of the box (under the black felt cloth)/even the display item have it. good luck!
  6. Thank you Classic Chic! After digging & searching & hunting, I finally found it! That little hologram sticker is TINY! I'm not used to seeing something so small!!! So then I started searching for the authenticity card, which ended up being hidden in tissue paper down in a small compartment that I didn't know existed! I feel insane right now!! :nuts:

    This is the first WOC I've owned...on my other bags I've never had to hunt---the sticker has always just been there! LOL. Sorry everyone! And thank you! I feel so much better now!!! :P
  7. Glad you found the hologram and card! I'd freaked out too.
  8. :yahoo: I'm glad you found the sitcker and auth card!!! :yahoo: now you can enjoy it w/peace of mind, have fun ^0^