Do Some Bags Patina Much FASTER Than Others?

  1. Just wondering... do certain bags develop patina much quicker than others? I unpacked my Lichen Green Baggy GM back in the Spring and carried her everyday until a few weeks ago (when I bought my Azur Speedy.) I switched back to the Baggy the other day 'cause I wanted a shoulder bag for traveling and was really struck by how dark the vachetta leather had turned. I live in Buffalo, NY, which is not like the tropics, believe me, but we have had our share of sunny summer days. Would my just walking around with the bag, or having it in the car and driving around with my sunroof open affect the bag that much? (I did put her in her sleeper bag when I wasn't carrying her.) Has anyone else noticed their Baggy tanning so quickly? I REALLY loved this bag at first, but now I'm not feeling it quite the same way as I did before.:sad:
  2. Prolonged exposure to moisture and heat age the leather vachetta quickly. Moisture from your hands due to lotions and sweat can also cause dark patina. For as long as the patina is even and clean, I wouldnt worry about it. Thats the beauty of LV bags. Do you have pics?
  3. My BH is turning pretty quick.
  4. I think the more you use it the more it patinas.
  5. It also depends how much your bag's vachetta was exposed to the light/heat/humidity before it was packed away and shipped out. My Beverly MM started developing patina the third day I used it.
  6. My Baggy GM is not turning very quickly, but my Galliera GM, maybe...I have used them about the same amount.
  7. A LV SA told a member on this board a couple years ago if she wanted to hasten the patina process, leave the bag inside a closed up car and leave your car in a sunny spot. I myself would be hesitant even though the bag may be empty there are some bad people out there who might be tempted to breaking into the car thinking there may be contents inside the bag.