Do some bags come with satiny dust covers?

  1. Let me start by saying that all but one of my bags has been an eBay or outlet find, so I'm not really up on boutique or department store bags. That being said, I just received a gorgeous red leather gallery tote with the red patent trim, and I love it. From the tag it appears that it came from Macy's. The dustcover is a brown satiny type material with cream stitching. All of my other dustbags are matte brown material with red stitching. Is this normal?
  2. new 07 Legacy whiskey shoulder bag came in a satin brown dust bag. I really like this new dust bag!!!!!!
  3. My Bleecker duffle from Macy's came with a satin dustbag.
  4. Thanks for reassuring me. I didn't have any doubt about the bag's authenticity, but the dustbag really threw me.
  5. From what I've seen the new Fall stuff all came w/ these dust bags. My Bleecker came w/ the new satiny dust cover. My SIL's did too. I like them!
  6. Yes, Coach replaced the brown dust bags with the satiny ones in fall '07. I like them better than the old ones.
  7. All of my new stuff did. Aren't they nice? :heart:
  8. they are the only dust bags i know, but i do love them!
  9. I got the new dust bag with my Carly for Christmas. I think they feel cheaper than than old ones.
  10. My Signature Stripe Totes came with that dust bag as well. I love them!
  11. My first two bags came with the old ones and my newer bags have the silky ones. I like the old one better.
  12. My chocolate sig stripe tote came with one. But my studded gallery tote came with the old one and I just got that like a week ago. So I dont know!
  13. yes!! they're all the new dustbags,I think they're so much nicer than the brown/red ones
  14. I am ok with the newer dust bags, but I do think that the older brown/red ones were made better.
  15. Yup, my peony tote came in one.