Do small leather goods have blindstamps? Where to look?

  1. I put my wallet on eBay (per my thread the other day about wanting something new). A potential bidder has asked for a photo of the blindstamp. For the life of me, I cant find it. Do small leather goods have them? Where should I look?
  2. They usually do. Look along the top within the interior of any compartments.
  3. or inside the zipper
  4. If it is a bearn, it is usually on the coin compartment - on the gusset (sp?)..

    Hope this helps...
  5. Wow. I'm looking all around on my small Dogon wallet and can't find anything. Weird.

  6. everything has a blind stamp! sometimes they are inside teh zippered pockets on the "wall" of the wallet
  7. I have 2 large dogons and the stamp is in the first slip (not the two little pockets) it is really in the middle so look deep.
  8. hkloosterman and Hermesaholic, I found it! Boy, they hide it well! Mine was made last year.

    Thank you for your help!!
  9. Everything I have has a blindstamp near the zipper or near the top.
  10. I just got a Clarisse PM and I can't seem to find the blind stamp either...can someone help? :confused1:

  11. I don't have a Clarisse, but are there any pockets? look in them deep somewhere around the middle (I have 2 dogon wallets and a Globetrotter agenda and that's where they are)
  12. There's a patch pocket on the exterior, but no stamp in there. I've checked the main zip compartment too and can't find anything! I swear I've checked every nook and cranny > 5 times now.
  13. I don't understand, did you look really deep in the zip pocket it is rather small and you have to look in the light. otherwise where the zipper is the little piece of leather?
  14. I emailed the seller of the Clarisse and I believe she only sells authentic goods in her store. She responded by saying that not all Hermes bags necessarily have blind stamps...this looks to be an older piece...can anyone help me out here? Do all goods have blind stamps or are there exceptions???

  15. 2)if you tell us the seller we may get a better sense of the authenticity
    3)everything has a blind stamp unless quite ancient.
    4) can you provide a picture of the item and then i can tell you where to look?