Do skinny jeans look ok tucked into Frye Boots?-

  1. Or does the look only really go with "riding boots."

  2. i think they look great inside of fryes, i really like those boots, though. i love when something simple and classic and functional has fashion appeal!
  3. I LOVE Frye boots!
  4. Skinny Jeans are great !!!
  5. i think skinny jeans look amazing tucked into frye boots.....but then again i think anything looks great with frye boots because they're just so versatile and practical :shame:
  6. Thanks for the responses- just saved me from having to go look for riding boots. (Though I may just "browse" anyways...)
  7. If you're skinny enough and your skinny jeans look good on your skinny body, then you look good in anything. I think I'm going to go run so I can wear my skinny jeans tomorrow. LOL.
    BTW: I think they look great tucked into Frye boots.
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