Do Singapore LV accept bags for repairs?

  1. Ok, I think there must be a thread with the same dilemma but I can't find it (or too lazy). I have a speedy with a broken zipper/tag bit, and in need of repair. Can someone tell me how long does it usually take to be repair? I am taking this bag to my nearest boutique, i.e. in Singapore. Anyone? I am willing to fly out to fix my Speedy...Big thanks!:flowers:
  2. Wow, didn't know that they don't have a boutique in Brunei. Since it's not a major repair I'm pretty sure they can fix it if they have a repair centre on site. Not sure which one has it out of the 4 boutiques, maybe give them a call and ask.
  3. Yes, we are totally deprived from any boutiques. I am surrounded by a lot of *cough*cough*fakes*cough*cough*. It's pretty annoying that some of the fakes look so real! SOB! Yeah, I think I will give LV in Spore a call... Thanks
  4. I think most repairs take about 1/2 year, or that's what I heard...
  5. okay, this is the policy: anything authentic LV would be accepted to be repair in any LV store that carries the same product line, watches are accepted in every store. Condition accept to repair: Repair would last more than 1 year as deem by repair centre, repair does not change the original designs of item, repair less than 50% size, surface, area of item (otherwise it'll be too expensive), merchandise must not be repaired by non-LV agent before, and the spare part are still available, spare part are kept in stock for 5 seasons for shoes (included current season), 5 to 10 years for handbags from the date that design was discontinued, and forever for hard-side luggage. In store repair 3 days to 1 week, should be FOC, sent to repair centre would be standard repair 1 to 3 months, and exceptional repair 3 to 6 months. Postal and handling and workmanships are absolutely free, only charged for spare parts. All waiting time and repair fee will be informed to client before repair starts. Perfect Service, huh? if travelling and something happens, drop by any nearby LV store to ask for help
  6. hi recently my nephew accidentally burned the front part of my lv damie ebene canvas sling bag,is it possible to repair it and if so how much will it actually cost?? thkz in advance
  7. I think repair. Time depends on the kind of damage .... I just found some loose stitching on my Eva ( 6 weeks old bought in Germany) In LV Singapore I was told repair takes approx 4 weeks as they do all the repairs in Hong Kong .... However after less then 2 weeks got an text message that repair is done and bag can be picked up....that was fast :smile:
  8. LV after-sales service is no good even in Singapore. Guess they realize that their products are not durable (as opposed to us innocent buyers) so they now only offer a free service if item is bought below 2 years (maybe less than 2 years in other countries). Reading other people's thread about how wonderful their experiences are with LV repair services, I asked DH (me being busy) to help me go to LV (he went to Ion Orchard) to repair my 2 LV bags. To be fair to LV, the bags are already aged (bought in the 90's).

    The first bag's zipper is torn and the strap that is attached to both ends of hardware looks fragile. The second bag's hardware (the round small one) that keep the strap attached to the bag is off (can't find it). When one bought an LV, one expects durable, long lasting quality and a good after-sales service. But the SA quoted a very high price (a total of more than S$500 for the first bag). Maybe because she is not the one paying, she doesn't feel the pain of being quoted for a repair a price as high as the price of buying the bag. She (and the manager, when appealed) insisted that since it's wear and tear, they are chargeable for a total hundreds of dollars. And what? They don't expect you to repair outside LV?

    I don't know anything about the post-sales service other than it's great (one even have her 90's bag repaired for a small fee, and even my friend had it for free though hers was aged!) Well, it's not great at all! The staff talked to me in an annoying tone that made me even more upset. I regret buying my dear Mum an LV bag there in the same LV ION Orchard for close to S$3k (2 years ago i think, still with my imaginary beautiful after-sales service), giving the SAs a commission! I imagine if my mom comes back with a complain about the bag, they will reject saying that they only guarantee if it's UNDER 2 years PLUS a hefty quotation! What's up with LV these days? I can only blame it on LV rules/procedures etc, not the SAs other than them being annoying too :sad:( of course it's wear and tear but the brand LV has been around for so long that I (and many other innocent people out there) kind of expect a long, long after-sales service, what with others' good experiences.

    So, no more LVs for me. Lousy quality, mass production, lousy after-sales.