Do Simples Stretch at all?

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  1. Has anyone had there Black leather Simples 100 stretch out at all?
  2. OP try this...

  3. Oh yes they do stretch. When I got my Simples they were tight and now I need a foot petal!
  4. wow, good thing I asked! A size 7.5 fits perfectly, but I guess if they are stretching I should buy a smaller size.
  5. Thanks for the video!
  6. if the shoe's a perfect fit fresh out of the box, then stick with that size. the simple style in plain nappa leather shouldn't stretch much more than half a size.

    apart from special circumstances, like if its a holy-grail style that's long sold out at stores, or styles notoriously known for its stretch factor (e.g. Bianca). I would take the size that fits perfectly fresh out of the box. personally I don't think its a good habit for your feet, to downsize every pair in anticipation of it stretching.
  7. ^^ ita
  8. Do you guys find that simples are pretty close to your normal shoe size? Or have you gone up or down in these particular shoes?
  9. ITA with Catz. Stick with the size that fits you, but know that it will stretch a little.

    I went up from my US shoe size, because I have long toes. :cry: But I am my CL size across the board in all of my Simples (and I have 3 pair).
  10. OP, definitely stick with the size that fits you right out of the box in the Simples. They eventually will mold to your foot. Keep in mind that your foot might change sizes slightly depending on the season/weather also. I would say keep the 7.5 if that's what fits you now. HTH!
  11. ITA with the ladies, OP - i have 3 pairs. 2 are my TTS in CLs, which is half a size up from my US size (i suffer the same predicament as duke with long toes). the
    3rd one is a 37.5 but the insole measures the same as the 38s.

    i wouldn't recommend going a half size smaller, but would keep the ones that fit right out of the box. they do stretch but not so much that you have to go down half a size. HTH!
  12. Mine fit perfectly out of the box and a year later they still fit perfectly, very little stretching(not even a 1/2 size for me). The only way I'd suggest sizing down is if you are only or mostly going to wear them with stockings or tights.
  13. I could never put my shoes in the freezer! I know she says not to worry about the water, but I couldn't do it. Way too risky.
  14. I've worn mine a lot - and by the 10th or so wear they definitely were much more comfy, especially leather. Patent doesn't stretch that easily.