do seasonal lines go on sales in chanel

  1. i know there are threads in here about chanel sales and i know classic lines do not go on sales.
    but how about all the seasonal things such as the new PNY line etc? do they normally go on sales? i hear dept stores such as Saks etc have hugh sales and u can pick up nice chanel bags at a hugh reduced price but how abt chanel itself?

    i want the beige bag on the left is it still available???
  2. Chanel itself as in clothing? As for clothing itself, yes. In Palm Beach there is always an end of the season sale on clothing. I would imagine all have sales. In Paris there is always a sale in January, however, the exact sale date is set by the government. Usually, mid January and mid June for the entire country of France.
  3. i highly doubt the 2 you are thinking of will be on sale.. the red one is basically a classic flap in patent leather ... the beige one the style in unusual colors such as blue, green etc may be on sale *if your lucky to find one* but most light color chanels are gone before they are ever on sale.
  4. ^ita!
  5. thanks for the replies. i was wondering whether it is a good idea to wait for seasonal bags til the end of the season hoping it will go on sales or buy the bags as soon as it becomes available. of course classic will never go on sales so it doesnt make any difference apart from the annual price increase.
  6. if its those 2 - buy it now . If your thinking of others post pictures and we'll try to give our opinions :smile: