Do seasonal colors sell out?

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  1. Hi All
    I love the chestnut color and am saving up for the city in Chestnut. I am new to this designer and was wondering---do the seasonal colors sell out? I will probably be able to purchase it by December. What is your experience with seasonal colors? Are they limited?
  2. Eventually, they will sell out, but there is still a Chestnut City, I believe, on the US Bal website. The more popular, brighter colors go pretty quickly, but it is easier to find the black or brown bags. I love Chestnut, too, and with a little searching, you will probably be able to find one when you are ready.
  3. Thanks so much. I am half way there, but I am really trying not to add any credit card debt. No more. But I am starting to panick that when I am ready to purchase (in early december), it will be impossible to find.
  4. Don't worry about it -- there are so many beautiful colors each season -- more important to save up for it, then enjoy your guilt-free purchase!
  5. Agree w mochi and cbarrus. You'll always find something from bal that you'll love. No matter when. :tup:
  6. Thank you for the encouragement! You are all are awesome!