Do SAs take commission?

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  1. Hello ,, I would like to know if the SAs at LV take commission?? because i had a talk with 2 of my SAs and both said that they dont. but here in the firum a lot mention that they do!:confused1: could someone clarify this please ;)
  2. They don't make commissions, but they do get bonuses which are based on sales.
  3. Yeah i thought so too ,, I was sure about the bonuses though
  4. ^^^^^

    Curious to know what type of "bonuses" these are ???
    Free bags? Discounts?
  5. i think the bonuses are money, they have sales targets.
  6. I also know that the bonuses arnt a huge amount of money
  7. I'm just curious...I'm sure they get a discount on bags if so is it 50% off?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.