do SA's make commission on jewlery?

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  1. I'm planning to purchase an all silver cdc. I'm wondering if SA's make a commission on this item? TIA
  2. My understanding is that all sales apart from Birkin and Kelly bags count towards a SA's individual sales target. HTH
  3. :yes:
  4. Pardon me for asking, but will it affect your purchase decision now that you know the answer? I don't know how this compares with LV, but I hope it doesn't give you the impression that H prices are negotiable, or that some form of kickback is possible.
  5. ^^^
    LV SA's do not make a commission on anything, and their prices are not negotiable. Perhaps the OP wants a particular SA to get the commission? ;)
  6. All SA's have individual targets, which if they achieve results in a bonus. They do not get commission on individual items. HTH
  7. ahhh No! I'm gonna let your comment go although I'm quite offended. I in no way would ever think that the prices were negotiable or think I would be entitled to any form of kickback/special treatment -- why would you ever think that???? The reason I was asking was because I appreciate my SA and the hard work she does getting me the things I ask for. I will be traveling and I would prefer to purchase any Hermes thru her if it helps her make more money/bonus-- thus I will purchase thru my SA rather than one I do not have a relationship with. Not that I needed to explain myself to you Mrssparkles.
  8. Just a reminder that if you have issues with another member, please take it to PM.