Do SA's lose commission when you return at another branch?

  1. Unfortunately, I decided to return my classic jumbo flap, as it wasn't really suitable for my lifestyle. It was too dressy and I am SO CASUAL.. Finding that I ended up wearing my SVT MUCH more and it's not that I go to fancy outings anymore. SOOO.. I took her back.

    I purchased at NM in San Diego.. But returned in NM Beverly Hills since I was there for the weekend.

    My question is... Will the SA in San Diego know that I returned it? Do they have a log?? I am bashful about things like that. Anyone know?? Thanks in advance..

    I am only down to ONE Chanel purse now.. URGH!:sad: :sad:
  2. yes they lose commissions..
    they see it on there paychecks
    whether is one week, two weeks or 3
  3. Don't quote me on this, but I THINK the commisions for the paycheck period are subtracted from their paychecks, but they won't necessary know that YOU returned a bag. I can't imagine that the retailers would itemize the +/- commisions for each SA. So don't be bashful if you go back to the SD NM to shop next time. If you like your SA, just be sure to buy from him/her next time so she will get the commisions.

    Can any SAs on here confirm my guess?
  4. yeah they don't know who returned what- unless they sold only one of that item
    but who knows
    i only know for sure how things worked when i worked at Nordstroms- but it is the same concept
  5. Pardon my ignorance, but what is a SVT?
  6. SVT = Square Vintage Tote
  7. I have wondered about that too.

    Does the store that you returned the item to... keep it in stock? Don't they send the item back to the original store if it is not popular or not needed?
  8. For sure they lose their com.
    They will find out next day, the computer system are link and the number
    will showed.
  9. in Chanel Btq and Neiman you can view who had return your handbag, it does not matter where did you return.
    In some btq you have to write another note to customer when you found out
    she returned her purchased saying " Sorry you didn't like your handbag but if any questions in the future please allow me to assist...blah blah blah"

    Yes I am in sales.
  10. So that means they know who returned the merchandise? I mailed my Paddington from MA to my sister's house in VA so she could return it to Tysons NM for me. I was way too chicken to send it back to the Boston store. My s/a is so sweet. This is why I actually enjoy shopping with nasty s/a's if I have an inkling a bag might go back.
  11. Thank you all for your responses... Geez! I feel bad about that because the SA was SOO KIND and helpful... Only to find out that I returned... *sigh*
  12. The SA must be used to it though. They've probably experienced all kind of odd things done by customers.
  13. Yes...Sandy don't worry so much.
    I just got 15,000.00 return the other day, no big deal.
    Chanel SA alway can make it up better!

  14. :sweatdrop: Thank You
  15. I thought that with NM you could only return the item to the store you purchased it from? Can you return to any NM?