Do SA's help find you a bag at other stores if they don't have it at their own store?

  1. Hello -

    I love this thread! I have been lurking for weeks now:yes:

    I was just wondering -- will SA's put effort in to find you a certain bag if they do not have it in their store? Is that too much to ask?

    Thanks for your thoughts!
  2. at Saks they do. based on my experience, from the impression that i got it's a little weird though.....if they see that it is in stock and in the current inventory, the SA puts the item on a locator, and then waits for the receiving store to fulfill the request. it seems to me like the request might not always go through because the store that has the item might not want to let it go or sell it to that SA because they want to keep it for their own client because the item is hard to come by. i could be wrong though.....thats the impression i got because i have been trying to get a bag that is still in stock at Saks, the SA put it on the locator, but the store doesn't want to let it go. it seems like the SA that requests it gets the commission for the sale, so the receiving SA has no incentive to fulfill the request? again i could be wrong.....
  3. I don't think it's too much to ask at all! I ask for that all the time, whether it's for a bag or something else I MUST have! :lol: ;)
  4. Mine does it all the time for me.
  5. Mine does it too -- at NM, Saks, Bloomies, etc.
  6. Boutiques and dept. stores will, in my experience, gladly do this for you.
  7. My SA at NM totally searches for me. Think about it, most of them work off commission so of course they'll try to find one for you!
  8. Mine does it all the time. The last two bags I bought were from the Chanel Boutique in New York, but she got one from Hawaii and the other from Las Vegas.
  9. In my experience, no. With the exception of 2 individuals (both at Saks), no other SA at any store has EVER offered to search through their system for me and when I asked if they would (because I know it can be done), they have become rude. Extremely rude. I have had SA's tell me that there are no more of a specific bag available and it will never again be available, only to call my favorite SA in NY and find that, yes, there ARE more out there and should be arriving soon; lo and behold, it arrives a few days to weeks later. (which is why I only do business now with these two). I've received attitudes from NM, Bergdorf, Saks, Nordstrom and Chanel boutiques.

    So, I think once a SA gets to know you and realizes you are going to spend the money, they will (the relationship begins). Until that happens, no.
  10. Of course they will! If you are obviously serious about a bag, any decent SA would immediately offer to look through Company inventory and get it transferred in for you.
    I've never had an experience w/ an SA that didn't offer or wouldn't do that for me happily.
  11. Thank you for all the replies. I am definitely going to call a few places and start forming relationships with the SA's. It makes sense they would want to be helpful, but I have at times run across some rude ones so I was a bit worried.

    Thanks again for your help!
  12. Mine does. If I ask for a bag and the store doesn't it, he/she offers to look for it and get back to me right away.
  13. most SAs will, but i have run into the occasional SA that claims something is "sold out" when i know if they just took a few minutes to look in the computer, they'd be able to find it somewhere.
    i just make a mental note not to deal with that particular SA in the future. someone else can get my commission! :idea:
  14. Of course they do! They still get the commission even when they locate it.
  15. I think it depends...on how much you have purchased before. I know what that sounds like...but it's been my experience. If you develop a relationship with a SA...keep it!