do SA's get to order for themselves?

  1. i know it's an odd question -- but do the SA's, and other employees to that matter, get to order things for themselves? or are they in the same boat as we are, waiting to see what shows up and is offered until you hit "special" status.

    just wondering, as so much of the way hermes works is a mystery to me.
  2. hmmm I have no idea..but ..there should be some kind of employee perks? :rolleyes: so..I "guess" yes.
  3. i've heard it's a 20% discount . . . but i that their purchases are limited so they don't turn around a re-sell.

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  4. I actually asked a SA in Boston by phone yesterday what bags she has, and she told me they actually aren't able to get the kelly and birkins as they are for customers only! Interesting......she has a GP tote and a trim -- she indicated at times they give them good deals or something but it didn't sound like a regular discount but I could be wrong...
  5. OMG, I just noticed her avatar!!!!:roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao: That's precious.
  6. my info was just through the grapevine, so i'm sure you're right.

    not like it really matters -- i'm not planning on throwing everything over to become an SA for a discount! simply rude curiosity.
  7. hehe thx..I figure the dog prob look cuter w/ the scarf on than I do. :upsidedown: H is very "customers first"..that's good to know!
  8. I asked an SA once, well she used to work for Hermes, and she said that they are only allowed to buy the Birkins and Kellys that have been turned down by customers and available for awhile. Not sure about a discount though.
  9. I spoke with a retiring SA in Beverly Hills who told me she was awaiting her Sapphire Blue Kelly. Not sure if they made a special allowance fo her because she had worked for Hermes for so long.
  10. For a change I have an answer to a question.

    My SA told me they are allowed to buy bags...any bag. BUT, it first must go through the store manager and then be approved through/by corporate. It is a process, but they are allowed to purchase as they wish.

    I did not get into the question whether there was a limit to how much they could buy, but she did tell me they do not get a discount on the bags.

    So, that is the info. I have, but who knows...everyone has a different story.

  11. This is exactly what I was told by my SA who recently took delivery of a glorious Raisin Birkin she had SO'd.....
  12. Thank you Grands Fonds for making me feel like I shared some quality info.
  13. you ALWAYS share quality info, KB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    It's the quality of MINE that's questionable.......LMAO!!!!:lol:
  14. My SA told me that she is only allowed to purchase one leather good per year - and she gets a 20% discount on that. She's allowed to purchase RTW at any time, however.

  15. when i went into Hermes in Bev Hills to drop off and later pick up my Birkin both times the SA's seemed very awed by the bag. I don't know if they are expected to be that way as you are an owner of one of their "star" products, but I remember one saying, "Yeah, if only I could GET a Birkin". I also asked the SA i regularly work with if she buys herself Birkins galore and she said she has none and can't afford it or something to that degree. I don't really remember. Anyway, my 2 cents!