Do Sales Associates Really Know if A Bag is Sold Out?

  1. I just purchased both the light silver and dark silver reissues 226 this weekend, they should be here tomorrow and I'llll post pictures of all the new "additions' i have over the past month. ;)

    But my questions the SA at Chanel Botiques really know if a bag is sold out?

    The SA I bought my light silver from said I was lucky because it was sold out, however, the next day I saw the same bag in the store window in Nodrstroms.

    Than I hear that the dark silver reissue is nearlly sold out and impossible to find unles you are on a wait list....but somehow I was able to magically get one that same day! (Not that I am complaining) But how does this all worK?

    Do the SA know for sure if its sold out? OR do some just say that so you'll keep a bag? And, how can I get a bag that I hear people are on a wait list for?
  2. I dont think I have ever bought a bag that I wasnt told was "sold out".

  3. LOL !!:roflmfao::roflmfao:
  4. So do the SA"s just say that is a ploy to get you to purchase the bag? Grrrrr. That bugs me. I like being told the truth about the availability of a bag.:confused1:
  5. I think they say it's "sold out" just to make the sale. It's like when you see a property and the broker tells you there are "multiple offers" when there were no offers at all. It's a phsychological sales technique I think. Works everytime though.
  6. ^^^ita!
  7. There's a tiny detail going unnoticed. . .
    a chanel BOUTIQUE knows is the BOUTIQUES are sold out.
    You said you bought from a boutique, then saw one @ Nords.
    See what I'm trying to say?

    Boutiques know if boutiques are sold out, NM knows if NM is sold out, etc. . . . boutiques are not going to know what's left @ Nords, Saks, NM, etc. . . .
    I don't think they tell most people they're sold out if they don't believe it to be true to be honest, it's VERY easy to find out if they're lying anyhow.
  8. ^^could be true, but I also think the Chanel boutiques can only check stock at other Chanel stores, meaning they can't check stock at Nordstroms, Saks or NM. Maybe the Chanel stores are sold out, but NM, SAks or Nordstroms have some stock. That's why I think it is a good idea to have SA's at different locations.
  9. what Swanky said...we posted at the same time...:yes:
  10. Sometimes SAs say a bag is sold out without mentioning it is or may come back the next season. I had this experience with the black GST w/ silver hardware. It was sold out but then a whole boatload were shipped for fall. Unclear to me if the SAs are in the dark or if they just try to get you to buy what they have in stock. So I guess this is why I need Purse Forum!!
  11. I am very susceptible to the whole, "It's very limited!" thing. (Not saying Chanel uses it, but just in general.)

    I bought a bag that I thought I was going to love, and was so excited to get it because it is limited. (I know for a fact that it is a limited edition, so it wasn't just a ploy to get me to buy it.) When I got it, I wasn't crazy about the color or the style, and I really didn't think I was ever going to use it, but yet it was still SO hard to return it! It's like I felt special just because it was limited edition and so I didn't want to let go of it because of that. Crazy!
  12. I agree. I don't think they have access to department store's stock lists, and even if they did, I'm sure they'd want you buying from the boutique directly. Particularly if they're eyeing your commission.

    I think they rely on the fact that someone that interested in buying a Chanel will have the money and patience to wait for their dream bag.
  13. i never believe a SA when they tell me something is sold out. i'm stubborn (lol)--anything that is "sold out" will make just me want it more, so i'll start calling around myself rather than relying on them to do so. in april i was told a bag i wanted was sold out through the entire company--but i was able to find it within a couple days at another store!
  14. Not only that but it always seems I always buy the "last one".
  15. well, contrarily, no one told us that the Cotton Club wasn't coming back. . . everyone here assumed and started repeating that it was phasing out Cambon.
    Guess what?
    It's not on the F/W line up!

    It's hard to win.
    People are skeptical when told something is sold out or limited, but then people are mad when NOT told that something is limited:lol: