Do Saks, Neimans or Bloomingdales sell Chanel Watches?

  1. I have gift cards to use at these department stores and am looking into getting a Chanel watch. Do any of these stores sell watches? and if they do can you specify the location? Thanks
  2. yes they do. i think a few of the ladies got j12's during the last Saks egc event.
  3. Certain NM's do. I got mine at NM SF. I also received 10% off.
  4. yes! i got my j12 from Saks.
  5. Neimans in SH carries Chanel watches
  6. Nordstrom boutiques do not carry the CHANEL watches, I wish!
  7. The Saks in Tyson's Corner, VA has Chanel watches too!
  8. Bloomingdales does not carry Chanel watches :crybaby:
  9. NM in San Antonio carries Chanel watches