Do SA get commission from the clutches?

  1. I do know that sales from both the regular size Kellys & Birkins go to the "house", regardless of skin type. However what happens if I purchase a minature JPG Birkin or Kelly Elan? Is that treated as a regular item or does the sale also go to the "house"? Thanks!
  2. My SA told me that everything goes to the house and then they split the commission. However, each SA has a sales quota to meet every month. Furthermore, if it involves an item that is available in another store, then it goes two ways: if the item is simply being transferred then the other store gets the commission but the SA still gets credit toward his/her sales quota; if it's an interstore exchange, then the commission goes to the SA's store and the SA gets credit toward the sales quota.

  3. thanks but my item falls in neither category. i was just wondering because i remember when i purchased a clutch way back when, the person who rang it up mistakenly gave it to the house & had to re-enter it so that the employee who showed it to me got credit. either way, i'm sure my SA will get a piece of the pie (i.e. their sales quota will be impacted). thanks again.