Do resellers generally move down from their listed prices?

  1. What is your experience with re-sellers negotiating their listed prices for bags? I used to pay re-sellers full asking price, but now prices have gotten SO high that I often wonder if they move on their prices.

    Any experience with this? :confused1:
  2. I always say that it doesn't hurt to ask. You never know they just may.
  3. I often do.
    Not by a huge amount, but if it's a small enough percentage, I will come down on the price. Also, if there's trust between you and the seller, ask them if they are willing to give any discount for transactions either off-eBay or using a payment method with no fees, like wire transfer or cashiers check, etc. Sellers who process credit cards independently (like in a store) still have to pay fees to the CC company and the fees are equal to or even higher than PayPal's, by the way, so that won't be a no-fee situation.

  4. GREAT question--does anyone actually pay 13, 14 or 15,000 for a 35cm togo birkin??
  5. I, too, have always wondered why anyone would do this but for some people there really is no difference between 8K and 13-15K. I guess they figure, "Why wait?"
    Some people have more money than patience whereas I am the opposite! :p

    As to the question, I will ask if the price seems a bit high and as previously stated, if I trust the seller or buyer, I would much rather work off of eBay whose fees seems to have gone a bit out of control these days.
  6. It probably depends on how long they have held the bag. For less in-demand items, I would imagine more willingness to come down.
  7. :yes: and it never hurt to experience told me some go down others no way but these go to great lenght to get you the item you want and are super professional which makes up for no discount (at least for me)
  8. Exactly :yes: The worst that can happen is they'll say no.

    I got my birk for a fair bit less than it was listed on ebay after emailing the seller directly.
  9. This is nice to know^^
  10. Good question! I for one, never even consider the bags from CdL, because they are so so expensive! But it's true, it doesn't hurt to ask!
  11. Well, in my experience CdL isn't one to be hondled with (bargained with, for those who don't yet have the Yid dictionary). I have heard of instances where she's offered a bit off, but it's not much, and every time I have inquired about a specific bag, she has told me the price was firm.

    I guess it also depends how much the seller has "into" the bag, where she got it, who she had to pay off (LOL) and yes, how long it's been sitting.

    No one ever paid me $15K for a togo Birkin, that much I can tell you with authority! :lol:
  12. Funny, one time she (CdL) inquired about a Birkin I had listed, and her entire email read: What is the absolute lowest price you will accpet for this bag?
  13. Hehe.
  14. OMG she wants to find steals when she is buying bags. I actually get sick to my stomach repeating this, as I have truly tried to supress this experience, but I was in a bind once about 4 years ago and needed to sell some birkins fast (before the days of tpf and knowing other re-sellers) and CDL said she would NOT give me more than 4k per birkin and I did it. Can you imagine? These were brand new birkins, too. :crybaby:Live and learn.

    So it actually kinda bugs me she is so unwilling to budge on a price. Just my opinion;)
  15. --------------------
    Geez - can she be trusted as a reseller though?:s
    Is she a member here or knows about this forum?