Do red bags look good on older women???

  1. I am talking for women in their 40s ,do they go with the age or do u think its a bit too over the top????
  2. Honey, when you get to be 'older' like me (51), wear whatever you want, you have earned it. Convention be damned.
  3. I'm 33 so maybe shouldn't be commenting but I'd say it's fine to wear a red bag at any age. I think as people get older it's the style that becomes more conservative!
  4. Absolutely, although it does depend on style and shade. I like to stay away from anything too glitzy or with a lot of hanging stuff.
  5. My daughter told me recently....

    The new 30 is really 40+....
  6. I hope so -- I am in my 40s and carrying my rouge vif bal today
  7. Hey, I am in my 50's and I have a gorgeous red Madi Pelletteria in the softest leather imaginable, and it is one of my favorites! Can't imagine why I would limit myself to brown or black.
  8. Red, black, violet, yellow, green... carry what ever makes you feel like a million zillion bucks!! You owe that much to yourself!
  9. 52 here and my red Kooba Bonnie and I are going out today. :supacool:
  10. Let's see, Red Prada leather bag, Red Elisha Kooba, and I'm early 50's. I wear what I want, when I want. I'm not into what other people this age it should be all about yourself! :yahoo: I've raised the kids and now it's my time!

  11. Well said LadySalesRep :wlae: Got a chuckle out of that :jammin: I'm not in your age group yet, however, not too far behind :smile: I take my beautiful LV Rouge Bedford for a spin often ~ I feel like a million bucks when I carry "Betty" :smile: Lotta head turning going on :wlae:
  12. I'm 53, and I have a red bag. I also have green and blue and metallic and bright yellow. I think I look just fine in my brightly-colored bags, and have no intention of passing them to my daughter until I'm bored with them!
  13. Amen Sister! Fellow 51 year old here. I'm with you! :rochard:
  14. Red has been a classic bag color for a lot longer than I've been alive and can be worn at ANY age. Bubble-gum pink, not so much. Rock that red, I say!
  15. Of course not! I think it is not the color but the style of clothes that has to be considered when you are choosing what to wear.