Do quilted elastic Stams tend to get wrinkly?


b happy
Jul 29, 2009
Hi there!

I'm interested in this east/west elastic Stam and am wondering about the quilted 'elastic' leather.

I've never seen one IRL, but from the pics that I've seen online, it seems the 'elastic' leather is quite puffy when new, but gets wrinkly with use? Anyone that owns this type of Stam (or variations of it) would like to chime in?

What do you think of it? And does the wrinkly appearance make it look a bit beat up? Honest opinions appreciated! It seems to be in pretty good condition otherwise, and the color is lovely!




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Sep 13, 2006
The Windy City
It doesn't really get all wrinkely. It's just when the bag's new, it's usually stuffed and hasn't been allowed to slouch. The QE leather is really soft so when you take all the stuffing out and put your own things inside, the bag tends to slouch and take on more of a "distressed" appearance. I think it comes from the nature of the elastic stitching and the way the quilting is formed. If you look closely, you'll notice that the quilts are gathered throughout the bag and aren't an open quilting like the traditional quilted bags.

This is also the EW stam which is longer/larger so it has more of a slouch to it than the regular QE stams

I used to have a QE Mina and I loved that bag (it's the bag that convinced me I needed a stam!). it's lighter weight and easy to carry and I especially LOVE the Navy color