Do Purse BANS really work???

  1. After every purse I tell myself, okay that is it. I have enough and I am done at least for a few months. What do you know, I find a bag and I HAVE to have it. So much for my BAN.

    This week I got 2 new LV bags. I got an Azur Saleya MM and a Dune Mini Lin Speedy.

    PLEASE HELP!!! MAKE ME STOP!!!! :crybaby:
  2. I think they some times work !
    But i think Tpf doesnt really help ;)
    Congrats on your new bags though!
  3. going on a ban is like going on a crash diet: you starve yourself for a while, then you binge and try to justify it by saying you'll go back on your diet after the 8th eclair. going on a ban heightens the awareness of what you want and can't have, so you don't buy anything for a while and then go on a massive splurge, and then it's as if you had never gone on a ban at all.

    i tried going on a ban once, and failed miserably by buying in bulk after being good for a while. so i've taken myself off the ban, and i've found that i buy in small doses ('small' meaning i buy one bag at a time, and only a few small accessories, instead of buying 3 bags at one go the way i used to a year ago). now i just enjoy browsing and looking at what people have bought, and i only buy what i really REALLY absolutely MUST have, or what i know is a limited piece. and i've cut down to the point where i buy from the Bloor St. boutique in Toronto, because i love my SA and it's just nice to buy from the boutique after buying from eLuxury for the last 2 years
  4. I know how you feel! I just got my papillon 30 from eBay not even a month ago and I want a black epi speedy 30 in the WORST way, lol. What I do is set a date, a buying date (for me it's March/April) and stick to it bec. I have to, dh is the banker lol. I do a countdown and just look forward to that time. That's what I would do, set a future buying date and just look forward to it. I know it sounds lame to say just enjoy the bags you have for now, but I tell myself this too and it helps, bec. I still really do get a thrill from using 3 of my 4 bags, my bv doesn't thrill me but it's functional and I have to keep it. Do you have any bags you can part w/ in order to sell some on eBay or here for some purse money?
  5. yeuxhonnetes lol 8th eclair, I literally lol at that one.
  6. beljwl, what bag do you want next?
  7. I agree with you about the diet example, an also this forum, fashion magazines make things worse, I dont know how many times I have call my SL this week. You have to have will power and determination....It's diffucult to restrain yourself when there's so many beautiful bags.....Good Luck, you only live once....

  8. HEY!!!!! I am supposed to NOT be thinking about my next bag. That is not a fair question... Just kidding

    There are lots of things I want... Like a Denim Speedy or baggy. Or something MC. My goal is to get something from each line. So far I only have things in Mono, Mini Lin, Damier and Azur.

    But I think my next purchase is going to be a black epi pochette. It is only $380. It is sad that I now think ONLY $380. Before TPF that was a lot.
  9. It's SO HARD b/c LV for some reason is putting out TONS of stuff every few weeks....this past spring and summer have been quite lethal on my wallet, I hope it slows down a bit !!!!
  10. I know what you mean beljwl. I'm on a purse ban until my birthday in May. It's soooo hard & it's driving me crazy because I see so many bags I want :nuts: But I'm determined to stay on my ban until May 2008! :yes:
  11. oh helll no.
  12. yeah, I saw you in that ban thread, can't even remember all the stuff I bought while I was in there....:nuts::roflmfao:

  13. Good for you!!!! Stay strong:tup: You can do it!!!!
  14. Um, yea...that would be a "NO"! LOL!!
  15. NOPE!!! I think the more I restrict myself, the more driven I become into getting something. (we want what we can not have!)
    just this month i got a sophie, a cles, the birth of mod luxury book (im so lucky my sa said they had one), and now an alma after i promised my husband i only wanted to get the sophie. i think my husband already knows i eat my words every time i say "no more, i promise."
    So, i give up on bans and broken purse promises. I need to find a new hobby!