Do prints on tokidoki bags fade after 2 or 3 years? Does the vachete/leather be dark?

  1. I am just wondering how fast bags fade. I know all bags do fade over time. But for tokidoki, how long does it take the print on the ripstop nylon to fade? 2 to 3 years? What about using it alot? Does it even fade? Does the vachete leather on the handles and sides become dark like LV bags do?

    thanks :yes:
  2. Yes the vachetta leather gets darker... I don't think the bags fade though?
  3. I haven't had my tokidoki for 2, 3 years but since they are the same material as the classic LeSportsac bag, I think I can answer this question. None of mine faded even though I wash them. I only have one bag (8 or 9 years old) where the LeSportsac ribbon part faded.
  4. I thought the leather parts dont darken, they're treated i test it on one bag, I dropped water on it and it just beaded up and didnt seap in.
  5. Maybe they are very lightly treated, but I have some of the leather that got a little water damage, and several of my bag's leather has darkened as well.
  6. Well my other LSS bags did not fade even after the wash - and not to mention they don't recommend you to wash tokidoki's anyway...

    Not to mention... I doubt anyone had a tokidoki long enough to answer this question - since it only came out last year - so I doubt anyone would have a tokidoki long enough to answer whether the fabric will fade....

    but... my Adios Star did bleed red through the stitching (the Adios star's lining is red)

    as for the leather - I haven't used any of mine - I just collect them so I can't tell you whether the leather will darken over time, but I do have an LV and it has similar leather and that does darken over time - so I would expect the same for the leather on the tokidoki bags

  7. thanks, yea i notice that the lv leather is very similar to the leather on tokidoki and that it will darken over time. I am also happy that i didn't buy any adios except the bocce which was like 20 bucks, white star and the blanco and tutti becuz it can bleed through. Thanks once again. :heart: