do price increases determine when you purchase?

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  1. My 40th birthday is coming up in February. I want to treat myself to a Juste Un Clou ring. I know that there is always a price increase... In fact, a price increase is right around the corner!
    I spoke to my other half about it, and he seems to think I should wait for my birthday, price increase or no.
    How much has the ring gone up since it first came out? I think it was 2012, right?
    If I were to buy it, I would have him hold it until my 40th. I obviously would prefer to wait until my actual birthday to buy it... but its already nearly $2300... :sad:
    This is a big purchase for me, so the price is a bit of a concern.
    I do tend to have my purchases happen before a price increase... I have a bad feeling it will be quite significant.
    Its my money, so of course I can go ahead and buy it whenever I want, but I wanted to hear back about how much the Juste Un Clou has jumped up since its release so I can decide for myself if its worth the price increase to wait or purchase now.
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    Mind you this is my opinion: I feel if you have to be super concerned with a price increase of a few hundred bucks on something so expensive, you really can't afford it. I also found in the past I bought expensive 'toys' that I wasn't ready for just because I was afraid of a price increase. I ended up with a bunch of things I had no use for and had lost interest in. In the end it would have been much less expensive to buy what I really needed when I was ready and pay whatever the increased price was. I will tell you however, my wife had a RG Clou with diamonds and she LOVES it. You'll love the ring too!
  3. I was jnfluenced by the price increase.. I was in Ny without my husband and instead of waiting fir him to be with me to buy my necklace, I chose to buy without him to avoid the increase.. I wish he had been with me..
  4. I'm gonna go for a Cartier watch before next week's price increase. So my answer is yes. I already decided to buy a Cartier watch in the near future. I'm not buying something just because there's a price increase.

    @avcbob: I know what you're saying, but I don't completely agree with you. I can afford to buy the watch right now, but that doesn't mean that I like to throw away a few hundred bucks. It's not because you're buying something expensive, that you can't look out for a good deal. The richest people I know are the ones that look after their money the most.

    @darkangel: my opinion: If you can afford to buy the ring and you know you're gonna buy it anyway in less than a year, then I don't see any reason not to buy it right now, before the price increase. If the price really is an issue, then saving for a while is a better idea.
  5. I just got my love bracelet this past weekend and I was pushed by the price increase. That being said, I am ecstatic and love it to pieces and I was going to get it anyway. I wish I had stayed strong when I first started looking at it and not spent the money on other things. I was determined to save this time when I heard the price increase was coming in April and it worked out. I couldn't be happier though. Now I want a cuff to stack with it. That will not be bought before this price increase though. I am thinking sometime later in the year.
  6. I am sorry, when I mentioned my issue with the price increase, it wasn't that it would be out of my budget, it was that since I knew it was a few hundred cheaper before my birthday that would irk me! Sorry I kinda dropped the ball on that.
    Otherwise, thank you for your advice :smile:
  7. Oh and I have been wanting to buy this ring ever since it first came out. I to,d myself I would buy it for my 40th.
    Does anyone recall hlw much the ring was selling for when it first came out?

  8. Hey, everyone likes to save a buck and I don't blame you there! Good luck with your ring and Happy Birthday. I love the Cartier in SF and stop in there whenever I'm in town.
  9. Absolutely yes when it comes to VCA.
  10. Absolutely, designer jewellery is expensive enough, if you can make the purchase beforehand, it just makes sense to do so - ever since I got caught out by Bvlgari when I went to buy my B Zero 1 ring and between the week I looked at it and the week I came in to buy, the price increased by around $200. Not a huge amount but it just grates me to hand over more money to them for no reason other than I bought in the second week, not the first week and NO mention of this by the SA when I was looking #notbuyingBvlgariagain :lecture:

    That said, sometimes it just doesn't work and you can't make the purchase before the price increase. DF and I want to buy my wedding band from Boucheron, however there is no boutique in our state, so we were trying to get down to Sydney to try it on before April when the price increase was slated to happen. It didn't work out for various reasons, we're still hoping to get down there in May but meh, if the price increase has gone ahead we're just going to wear it. Don't sweat the small stuff :yes:

  11. I agree 100%! My friends always say I spend so much money on stuff but I can do it bc I save when I can. For example, when I shop online, I always use codes, am amazing at finding deals. Why spend $6000 on something when you can get it for $5000? Unfortunately, most people I see who are bad with money and don't care about spending a few extra bucks on things are the same people who are bad with money and are getting interest on their credit card bills

  12. If you have wanted it since it came out then I would buy it now. If you just started liking it and there is a chance you will be over it by next feb, then I would wait
  13. If you like it so much then most likely you will eventually end up buying it down the line so might as well get it now. Who doesn't want to save a few hundred dollars if they can? But to answer you question, yes, I get frantic when price increases are near and start buying to avoid paying more. Anyway good luck on your decision! ;)
  14. Price increases are certainly motivating but I won't buy something because there is an increase. I am motivated to buy what I was already planning to purchase regardless....LOL It definitely helps to speed up the process though. Esp with VCA. I am very fortunate to have accumulated beautiful pieces over the years but always give them extremely careful consideration and will save up for a piece of jewelry that I want so I buy it when I can pay for it outright. This way you can enjoy your purchase for many years to come.
  15. Right. If I do end up buying it before the price increase, he will hold it for me so he will be helping me in some way!!!