Do Prada shoes run true to size, or slightly small?

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  1. Thanks so much for your help...I am considering ordering a half size larger than my usual size, but I'm not sure. I appreciate the help. :smile:
  2. I have a pair of Prada leather kitten heels for work, and they kill my feet. I am a size 9 and I got a 9, but they run small.

    Also, since these shoes are leather, in notice that they tighen up a lot in the rain.

    I say DEFINITELY go for a half size up.
  3. it really depends, boots i go half size up. with pumps i go half size down so my heel does not come up everytime I take a step.
  4. I am usually between 7 and 7.5.
    I have Prada's suede sandals in 7.5. Fits me perfect. But my sister goes 1/2 size up for Prada boots....
  5. I have 2 pairs of Prada's (one flat and one heel). I am normally a 9 (39), but I had to get a 39 1/2 because the 39 was too small.
  6. I think they might run a little small. I am a 5.5, sometimes can wear a 5. I have narrow feet. I have Pradas that are 5.5 and fit fine but I can also wear a 6 in Prada which is rare for me.
  7. order half size bigger than normal.

    I bought some loafers and i'm normally a 38, but a 39 fitted just fine

    With my mules, the 38 was fine.

    I really guess it depends on what style your getting
    but if your getting heels, then get a half size bigger, and at least if its loose, you can put those heel grips or sole cushion thingys to make up the difference.
  8. they DEF run small...i have a pair of mary jane type shoes and they are very very narrow, as are my patent greenish black heeled mules


    good idea with the .5 size up ;)
  9. for me the actually run large - I usually wear 37/7 but in Prada i have 36.5/6.5 - I think I have one pair (off ebay) which is even a 6 - but very tight!

    But in sandals I have a 37 and they fit fine - I think it is bec I have a VERY narrow foot - so i think if you have the chance either ask the seller how this one fits, or try it out first.

    I'd be careful to go by any of us - I asked about sizing bef and it turns out that for me the shoes fit totally differently than for others
  10. hmm...I actually find that they run true to size and sometimes slightly big. I have 11 pairs of prada shoes, ranging from 36-36.5, when in other brands (like Manolo) I go to a 36.5-37
  11. I find that Prada runs about 1/2 size large on me. My feet are wide and I generally wear 38.5 or 39 in Manolo, Choo, Chanel. My Prada shoes are all 38. Maybe you can try going to a B&M store to try some on first?
  12. I have very wide feet, so I always go up in size with every shoe. My feet are actually a 5-5.5 but I always buy a 6.5 in shoes and 7 in boots (so I can wear socks if it's cold). I haven't found that I need to go up in Prada, I wear 6.5 in Prada and 6.5 in all other shoes.
  13. True to size for me...
  14. With the prada's I have (loafers, boots, and sandals), they have run true to my size
  15. this is weird :confused1:

    they always run big on me, the shoes i'm almost always a 38 in and i'm usually a 38.5. the boots i get a 38.5-39 in and i tend to size up to a 40 in boots.