Do Prada purses come with dustbags?

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  1. Hi all,

    Walked into Prada in Munich yesterday and fell in love with the Prada Saffiano Metal Oro Continental wallet and bought it on the spot :yahoo:As much as I love going shopping for something that I already know I want to get, it's also awesome to walk into a shop without any preconceived idea and then being surprised by something so lovely I just have to have it :P

    Anyway, I just realised that my wallet came without a dustbag: it's wrapped in the traditional white Prada paper in a Prada box and bag but no sign of a dustbag. It's been a few years since I bought Prada wallets/purses and I just cannot recall if they come with them. I'm usually a LV girl and all LV wallets that I've bought come with dustbags. Can anyone enlighten me on whether or not Prada wallets/purses come with dustbags?

  2. Wallets, cosmetic cases and the like don't come with dustbags. Handbags, shoes and belts (depending on where you buy them) do come with dustbags.
  3. Wallets do not come with dust bags, sometimes the Prada store might give you a dust bag if they don't have the box but if you get a box no dust bag.
  4. Thank you Prada Psycho and nymifashion for your replies. Am really crazy about my new wallet. Especially love the colour (don't know what it's called, a cross between red and orange but "softer" than vermillion). Looks like it's time to rekindle my love affair with Prada :P
  5. Bags, shoes, etc. do come with dustbags. Small items usually don't.