Do prada owners have the nylon bags too?

  1. Was just wondering if any of you prada owners have the nylon bags too. I noticed how theyve improved on the hardware on the nylons, not to mention the ones with the gold hardware that make them look more elegant.
  2. i have several prada bags and only one nylon. i bought the messanger for trips and only use it for that reason.
  3. I have 1 leather Prada bowler style and do not own any nylon. I just can't justify the cost for a nylon bag (but who knows, maybe I'll change my mind after staying in the forums a bit longer. :p)
  4. I only had a nylon backpack which I use for the gym. Had it for years. But lately, Ive been seeing lots of pretty nylon bags and just purchased another handheld with leather handles and gold hardware. Now Im lusting over a nylon shoulder bag!!! I live in a tropical country and nylon seems to hold up better during the rainy months. Too scared to take my leather ones out.
  5. I have a nylon top handle bag with leather accents and silver hardware. SO DURABLE. Doesn't lose shape and can wipe off any spills, etc off of both leather and nylon without a trace. And they look great with about anything. I think it's a great work bag.