Do Prada Bags EVER Go On Sale at NM ???

  1. just wondering b/c we were there on Sunday and my daughter fell in love with this Metallic bag that was $1550 - ouch! Would love to get it but was hoping for a sale!
  2. ^some of their Pradas go on sale, but they tend to be smaller bags, most commonly the microfiber ones. I've seen quite a few different styles of Prada bags at NM Last Call, but never the must have IT bags. I've seen a few Prada leather bags in Saks Off 5th, but again not the IT bags.
  3. maybe I should go apply for a job - do they get a discount - LOL!
  4. ^^ You should be able to get their staff purchase discount. ;) Lol...

    I think mainly the classic and bestsellers won't be on discounts, only those seasonal and less sellable ones.
  5. I have found many PRADA on sale an NM last call in this beautiful PRADA Daino I've got for myself. The usually have large totes at good deals. I even found a beautiful satchel that was part of the ad campaign (will post pic. later).:supacool:
  6. Wow! Great find, High! I guess it depends on the locality. Denver generally blows when it comes to selection.
  7. In the UK at Harvey Nics lots of current Prada bags go sale and have some quite good discounts - I think you are right it just depends where you are:yes:
  8. Do they just randomly go on sale? Or are they scheduled to go on sale at a certain date like Chanel and Gucci? Anyone know? What about online sales? I dont have a local Neiman Marcus or Saks where I live, and I dont believe Nordstrom Seattle carry Pradas.
  9. in my NM it happens randomly. They usually receive 4 of 5 new bags a week. The qty, received vary from week to week. My NM is located on my way home ( a few minutes away) so I make sure to check inventory at least once a week preferably during week days. They keep records of all stock items w/ a picture. I'm wondering if they accept phone orders :confused1: , maybe you should try calling them to find out! :sneaky: , why don't you call to see if one if the girls can call you every time they get new stuff and e-mail U pics? give it a try!:nuts:

  10. I've seen the faked version of this bag on eBay so many times I've wanted to :throwup:

    It's SO NICE to see the real thing for a change. Looks beautiful! :yes:
  11. Do you have a Barneys where you are? They go on sale there too as well.
  12. Yes we have Barneys here, I'll definitely check it out...thanks.
  13. That's good to know. My next bag is gonna be a Prada nylon something. I'm not sure specifically which one I want yet. I work around the corner from a Prada boutique. But, if I can get one on sale, I'll get it from Barney's.