Do Power Plates work?

  1. In the UK there are adverts everywhere for Power Plates, you stand on them and they tone you up! Apparantely they were originally used for astronaughts, I am seriously thinking of getting one, I hate excercise and really need to tone up my thighs, does anyone have one and do they actually work? I know that gyms here are starting to get them :yes:
  2. My DH and I bought one just before Christmas. We ordered in from the UK retailer that sells on line. I can't remember the website off the top of my head.

    I think it's fab, 5-10 minutes and your done. Fantastic! It is definitely a work out. Your legs feel like jelly after just a few minutes!
  3. My gym has one and i always wanted to try it but i wasnt sure if it was worth it or if it worked or anything so im wondering too.. anyone else thats tried it let me know
  4. Have you all ever bought and used a mini trampoline? You know the small ones that are very low to the ground? (off topic here I know)

    Anyway, try jogging on one of is a great workout for legs.
  5. Ive been wondering about this too..does anyone have anymore experiences with power plates?? I would love to try it before i buy it..the ones ive found online are around 2K
  6. I have used one but I really don't like the vibrating feeling.
  7. I had a power plate studio open up in Devon last year and went religiously three times a week for three months, it was amazing! Its not just a case of standing on a vibrating plate and doing nothing! as time progressed I was bouncing on and off the plate, doing squats, lunges - you can see I liked it huh?!!! Unfortunately the down side was the cost, it was cheaper for me to buy in bulk - £100 for 10 x 30 min sessions, and I think it never took off in this part of the world and they went bankrupt. The thing is that you have to buy a proper PowerPlate (or equivalent) which retail at about £6/7k - I've seen ones in local sports shops for a few hundred quid but I don't really think these will have the weight and power to do a tremendous job. I really wanted a proper one but not until I win the lottery, and get a re-inforced floor in my loft to hold it!! Try it out at your local gym if they do it first to see if you like it, some people I know didn't like the feeling at all - there are certain moves where you can't stand up totally straight or your eyes and teeth start wobbling about!! :nuts:
  8. I have been trainig on a power plate pro5 air since February 09 and I see some dramatic change in my abs, my arms and tights. I'm exercising twice a week. As my hubby likes to exercise as well, we decided to buy a pp pro5 airadaptive from Harrods. They have very good prices (compared to the prices here in Switzerland) and were willing to deliver internationally.

    Can't wait to get my Power Plate in a couple of weeks and starting to exercise 3 times a week. :yahoo:

    As told before, it's not just a matter of standing on the platform. I think, their commercial is very missleading as a lot of my friends asked the very same question. You do all kinds of exercises on the platform (as you would do on the floor/mat).

    Besides exercising on the power plate (which is my only strengh training apart from pilates/Yoga), I'm normally runnning 4-5 times a week.
  9. In theory, it could help. Like it was mentioned, you're not just standing there. You're doing a workout and incorporating the machine. However, no one has done any real tests on them. Sure, you might see results, but who's to say those results are form the workout itself? I'd perhaps wait a bit and see how it pans out. Especially if these things cost around 2K bucks.