Do Plisses Ever Come With the "Care Tag" Attched

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  1. I just noticed that the 3 plisses I bought directly from the boutiques did not come with any tags.

    However, my "regular" 90" scarves did.

    Is this the norm for plisses?
  2. My plisse, purchased directly from Bergdorf Goodman's H counter, has a care tag. It's pleated with the scarf so it's easy to miss, but it is there.
  3. FYI _ Customers normally don't care about care tags and just like bags, any H items do not always come with care tags. These do not constitute whether a bag is authentic or not.
  4. ^^^ I don't think she's asking about authenticity.

    All of my plisses have come with care tags direct from boutique, but plisse scarves are the only scarves I purposely cut the tags off. I wouldn't worry about it too much. :smile:
    I cut mine off because they actually distort the last couple of folds.
  5. My plisses all came with tags, but they have also all fallen off!
  6. My plisse came with a caretag too luv2shophandbag
  7. Actually, I think I may have misused the term "care tag"...I don't mean the white fabric tag that says 100% Silk Dry Clean Only...I mean the yellow-ish paper tag that has the name of the scarf and the size...THAT tag...none of my plisses came with those tags...Is that normal?

    Someone is actually interested in one of my plisses, and she is uncomfortable buying without the tags...
  8. ^^, gosh hardly any of my scarves or shawls came with the yellow-tag with the colourway and number on it.
  9. Oh, I have very few of those yellow tags. Most of that info is on the receipts I've gotten and I do keep those. It's very common that the stores lose them or snip them off before the client gets the scarf.
  10. All my plisses (they were purchased directly from H) came with caretags.
  11. Do you mean the white tag sewn into the scarf or the paper tag that has the scarf name...I guess it might be referred to as an inventory tag?:confused1:
  12. ^^^ I mean both. All mine came with a cloth care tag sewn to the scarf and a paper info tag.
  13. Plisses have different fabric tags - not as tall & slightly wider & they get plissed too , so they come out crinkly
  14. Here is a pic:

  15. Oh you mean the paper tag? I very rarely get the paper tag with any of my scarf purchases. My plisse came with the paper Bergdorf's tag, but not an Hermes paper tag. If I was buying a used scarf I wouldn't even think to ask for the paper inventory tag, they are so frequently removed by the store or fall off.