do pickpockets like the open top LVs?

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  1. I love LV bags but sometimes I just can't understand why they can't have a zip closure. Especially the Reade! It's just wide open...I feel like someone can just go in and pick stuff out while you have it next to you. What do you gals do? Do you cover the top with a scarf? Do you not bring too much expensive stuff out in those bags? What if stuff falls out?
  2. the reade is quite small, so i would think with it in the crook of your arm it would be hard to get in there.
  3. Since having lived in San Francisco all my life, zippers, closures, etc. have been a criteria all my life.

    Very weary of open bags...I don't think I own even one!
  4. I grew up in Chicago... there is no way I could feel comfortable with an open bag!
  5. Own a reade mm and my Hello Kitty make up bag is the only solution for me to create another 'bigger' zippered pocket.Been safe so far:biggrin: View attachment 32257
  6. I really like the bucket style, but I would not be comfortable carrying it. I would be too worried someone would steal things out of my bag :cry:
  7. most open bags have a loop. I hook my keys and valuables to that and keep my money in the zipper compartment.
  8. It's a safe bag, though. I have one, and I put my wallet on the bottom of it. The top flattens under my armpit and there's really no way for anyone to steal anything from it without you noticing. I live in NYC and I've never had a moment of worry outside of the fact that it attracts attention as a genuine LV. That said, I do hold on to the straps as I'm walking and carrying it on my shoulder, but I do that with every bag I have (and I have 2 open tops). The bucket also has a narrow zip pocket along one side and a mini pochette that hooks to a chain attached to the inside of the purse.
  9. the old armpit trick works huh! =) I also like the ideas of the extra pouches underneath...btw lee69, do they still make reade mm's???
  10. hmm I guess? its easier to reach in someones bucket while they arnt paying attention. When I walk around with open top bags in general I use the old armpit trick =D
  11. I am waiting for my bucket to arrive, and I'm not worried about the pickpockets. I plan to squeeze it shut under my arm. I think it's a really cute style bag!
  12. I love the look of the bucket, but I avoid the open style bags because I just don't feel comfortable with it wide open.
  13. i'm sure they love open top LV's but that's not stopping me :graucho:
  14. Hmmm...I think most pickpockets don't spend hrs investigating which LV bags are real or not, so most of the time if they do plan to steal, it'll be from a person with a fake LV bag (cuz fakes do outnumber the reals in my opinion). But you're right, an open-top bag is definitely asking for trouble so stick with closed ones, or if you really can resist an open-top bag (eg Batignolle) try carrying less important stuff in there...such as a few dollars, a debit card (they'll have fun with your pin number!), makeup, documents, umbrella (in case it rains!)...etc :biggrin:
  15. I hook a pochette to the D-ring and put important stuff in there.
    Or sometimes I just carry the essentials (cards and some cash) in my cles and hook that in there instead-I imagine it's so small that no one would be able to get at it.