Do perms still exist? LOL

  1. Oh God, I've recently been toying with the idea of getting a perm. Yes, you heard right - I said "perm." Trust me, I never thought I'd ever say these words. Given the advances in technology in the last 20 years, I'm hoping that perms have also gotten smaller, faster, more effective and better looking.

    I have jaw-length, coarse, straight hair with an annoying kink in it and I'd like to get a permanently curly or wavy style just for fun. Does anyone know if they still exist? Can I just waltz into a salon and request a perm? Are there now different kinds of perms (poodle, frizz, wavy, curly?)

    If possible, I would prefer to look like this:


    ... and not like this:


    ...or like this:


    ... or this!


    Any info would be great... Thanks very much in advance!
  2. Love your pictures!!! I go to an Aveda Salon and they do offer perms.

    Love the mullet!!!! LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
  3. Yes indeed they do still exist. haha I work in a salon. It is possible to perm your hair as well. I like what you picked out!!
  4. Yes, the perm is still around. One of my friends gets a perm every three months. It looks pretty much like your mullet guy. She's had the same 80's hairdo for as long as I've known her (20 years). Good luck with your hair :smile:
  5. I think they still do, although there is a salon near me that does a "helix" (I think) haircut where it is supposed to make straight hair actually they say. It involves twisting and winding a clump of hair strands around and around until really tight, then they cut the end of the clump off.....for a lack of a better way to put it. I can't imagine how that works, but they say it does....
  6. My mother still does perms, she is stuck in the 80's..

    I did a perm once, big curls. Worked out okey for me. My hair is very soft, so it turned into sort of wavy big curls after a while, which was what I wanted. Now my hair is straight again...
  7. I rebelled against them 20 years ago and have never looked back!!

    My mom still does perms too. Even worse, I have to roll her every three months, lol! :biggrin:
  8. There are digital perms which you can get at an Asian hair salon. The Korean salon where I get my thermal straightening does them. Supposed to be gentler and less frizz. I think there's already a thread about it.
  9. i get a perm done once a year i am 22 btw....ii have been getting one since 9th just works out for me and everyone thinks my hair is naturally that way, until i tell them its a perm ....
  10. Perms are coming back! I went to go get my haircut at Gene Juarez and the stylist was telling me how a lot of people are coming in for perms now a days.
  11. I literally LOLed at this ;)
  12. ^^ hehehe, me too...not about the question, but about the picture # 2 and 3 which you're hoping to not end up looking like, HEHEHE.
  13. LOL thanks everybody! Good to know they're still around... not sure if it's good that they still do 80s perms, but hey, if there's market out there for it, why not?!

    I might shop around and see if anyone in my city can do a nice one...
  14. Nooooooo i_wona don't do it.
  15. ^ bahahaha! Short and sweet, Loki!