do people use lucky rewards? does it work?

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  1. i'm kinda psyched because i just subscribed and tons of websites are listed (including my arch nemesis, bluefly...). has anyone else used this? how well does it work?
  2. I've been a long-time subscriber but just recently signed up with the online reward program. I've already accumulate $300+ of rewards!! You get your reward by clicking the link to the website provided on luckyrewards, so that way they can track what you buy. From my understanding, they send out your reward amount in those credit card gift card things, which happens 4 times a year. Hope that helps!
  3. I use it. Do you use ******? It's just like ******, you click to the merchant site through luckyrewards and that way it'll take you directly to the front page of the merchant site but there is a special tracking link so that if you make a purchase, it knows that luckyrewards referred you.

    As for how well it works... there's some bugs every now and then and sometimes you won't get your credits. When that happens, you have to contact customer service.

    You can choose to get a mastercard gift card or a check.
  4. They will periodically send you a debit card with your credits, which seems to work just fine.
  5. OHHH...I have a lucky sitting in my coach tote ready to read...this sounds like I need to be using this service!
    Thanks ladies!
  6. I haven't received any credits yet, but I like it because the rebates are much higher than ****** for certain websites.
  7. does it cost anything to sign up for lucky rewards? is it better than ******? i just signed up for ****** yesterday. wish i did it sooner as i've made tons of online purchases!

  8. It costs nothing to sign up! I think you just have to be a lucky magazine subscriber. I find that the rebates are sometimes higher than ******. The only thing about lucky rewards is that they dont have a tracking history that show immediately like ****** does so it is hard to keep track if you got credit for linking to the different websites.
  9. how do i sign up??

  10. Go to the website and click on the link lucky rewards on the upper right hand corner. When you click it, you might get a pop up with a subscription sign in. Close it and keep clicking until you have the lucky rewards page. You have to type in your lucky subscription # to sign up. Hope that helps!
  11. yes, how do we sign up? THanks for the info on lucky rewards vs ******! however, i don't subscribe to lucky magazine. i've been wanting to for a while though, is it the best "shopaholic" magazine (i've heard InStyle is good too)? what's the best price i can get on a lucky subscription?
  12. I prefer ******, Lucky Rewards is associated with a magazine and you have to subscribe to the magazine to sign up...

    Yes! Sign me up for a subscription to Lucky magazine.
    I'll get a full year (12 issues) for just $12 — a 66% savings off the cover price. Plus, I'll qualify immediately for Lucky Rewards and will receive my free Welcome Kit which gives me everything I need to start saving up to 15% on virtually anything I buy through Lucky Rewards!

    This includes the features of the Condé Nast Automatic Renewal Offer described below and is valid for subscriptions to U.S. addresses only. If you are not a U.S. resident, or would like to send Lucky as a gift, please click here.

    ....instead, I prefer ****** but you don't have to subscribe to a magazine. They are both pretty much the same concept. if you don't already have an ****** account, click on the link below and if you sign up - you can get an addl. $10.00 rebate just for signing up, see below:

    Rebates, Cash Back, Discount Coupons, Online Coupons -

    Join Today. You and your referrer will both get $10*!
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    • Cash Back on all purchases
    • Free membership - No Spam, No gimmicks
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    *New users must sign up on this page and make a qualifying purchase by March 15, 2007.
  13. i noticed there is no link to from ******. am i right or am i missing something? does anyone know if Lucky rewards has a link to i shop from there a lot...thanks!
  14. No, I checked and Bergdorf Goodman is not listed on Lucky Rewards. Below is a listing of all the links available. ****** offers more store options than Lucky Rewards.
    Apple iTunes Store
    Barnes &™

    Fashion & Accessories
    Store Name
    American Eagle Outfitters at
    Boden Online

    Beauty & Health
    Store Name™

    Lifestyle & Leisure
    Store Name
    Apple Store Online
    Gardener's Supply

    Everyday Needs
    Store Name®
    Apple iTunes Store
    Barnes &
    Lucky Rewards Program
    Lucky Rewards Program
  15. - here is the link to get a FREE 14 day membership to Lucky Rewards.

    After that it looks like you have to subscribe to the magazine to be eligible to be apart of this rewards program...but for those of you who are curious, click on the link above.

    I still prefer ****** to lucky rewards, for the fact I don't have to give out my credit card information to be a member, even though for the 14 day FREE trial i didn't have to give out my c/c info - but I am sure if I want to continue after 14 days i will - but then I will just cancel it!

    Plus, they don't give you a CASH BONUS rebate when you sign up like ******, another reason I like ******.

    That's just my personal opinion...enjoy!