Do people still wear aprons?

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  1. Just wondering if you guys still wear aprons when in the kitchen! Or maybe for other things like cleaning? If so, what kind?
  2. I wore a full striped chef's apron when I was preparing a special dinner for my SO on Valentine's Day. I was already wearing what I was going to wear and still had to put the finishing touches on the meal.

    Other than that, i dont really wear an I cook in my sweats
  3. Um... no way. I don't even think we've ever owned an apron :P
  4. My mom bought me an apron on a trip to the Virgin Islands once. It is embroidered and just kind of pretty. I've used it when I'm making stuff w/ lots of flour and very messy- like cut out cookies, so I'm not covered in stuff afterward.
  5. i have a totally cute apron that was handmade, has a great big bow that ties in the back...i love it.

    it actually dresses up my jeans, my hub loves it!!!
  6. Yes because I wear nice clothes when I'm cooking sometime and I don't want to get food on it...
  7. I do sometimes :smile: Especially when I'm making somthing with red sauce!
  8. If I know it has a possibility of ending up on me, I will wear it.
  9. i want one from WS but havent gotten around to buying one yet. im SOOO tired of wearing whatever i cook
  10. no i wear old stuff when cooking and cleaning
  11. I bought a cute old-school floral one from Etsy. I wear it mostly when I'm cooking bacon for my bf.
  12. I don't even own one, lol
  13. For the most part, I only wear an apron around holiday times such as Christmas and Easter when I make & decorate cookies & other goodies (such as Easter eggs) w/ my kids. I also wear one when they "cook" with me because they each have their own special one that they love to wear! :smile:
  14. I wear one if I am cooking something that is likely to splatter as it is cooked, or if I am wearing light coloured or delicate clothing.
  15. I do have an apron but I haven't ever used it. It might be a good idea though.
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