Do People still use Handkerchief's ??

  1. Do People still use Handkerchiefs ?

    I used to use them years ago, in fact I have a very nice Hanae Mori collection sitting in my closet gathering dust.

    What do you do with them if you don't use them anymore ?

    Do you pass them down ?
  2. Do you mean for blowing their noses? If yes, then I think that is not too hygienic to be carrying around wads of bacteria and viruses:sick:

    If you don't mean for blowing your nose, please elaborate!
  3. Yes, to blow your nose
  4. My dad always carried one. Everyday he would have a nice fresh (ofcourse) ironed hanky. I still have the one that was in his pocket the day he passed.
  5. hehe, nope! i did use them when i was a little kid but as far as i know - my brother is the only one in the world who still uses one! hehehe
  6. My Grandfather does. He's VERY proper and LOVES to dress up. He even keeps a few spares in his chest pocket for a Lady if she needs one. He's a total doll, I wish men were still like him!

    I bought him a few on the island of Burano, Italy where they're famous for handmade lace making.
  7. My boyfriend does, and his initials are one them. Its sooo cute.
  8. That's adorable!
  9. I never understood how people can blow their nose in a hankercheif...its so gross. Youre supposed to use a napkin to throw that *** away!
  10. LOL. I agree!
  11. My grandfather was the same way. He always had at least one with him everywhere he went. He was sucha classy man :love:
  12. It is a bit weird that after you blow into it you put it back into your clothes... :wondering
  13. i see lots of older people using them where i work and my grandpa uses them as well. i think they've gone out of fashion as disposable products became more prevelant. i LOVE the idea of hankercheifs, especially with lace and classy and old fashioned! but the actual practice of carrying the used one around? yick!!
  14. I like the idea of using a handketchief but it's just not an option for me. I have really bad allergies so one is not enough for me. If I'm having a really bad day, I go through more than one packet of Kleenex packets.
  15. I've never known somebody that blows their nose into a hankerchief. The only reason I prolly think that's weird is b/c of the great marketing those dang corporations do. Them and their
    money and brainwashing! Sheesh !