Do people still get dark tans????

  1. I would think with all the information with sun damage and skin cancer people would have wised up that having a dark tan and sitting in the sun for hours is not a healthy thing to do. My one relative has that light Irish pale skin and wants a dark tan every summer. She is going to the islands and bought suntan cream with number 4 protection and said she will probably start with a number 15. UGH-I use #30 daily and in the summer up it to 45 or more...... She is in her pool for hours in the summer,usually without any sun lotion protection. I really worry that down the road she will have some serious skin problems. I think she is going to start going to the tanning salon too.
    I ask do people still go to great lengths to get a dark tan??? Most of my friends do what they can to stay out of the sun and use products to protect them. My one friend had a scare with melanoma last year but is OK now. A few of my friends have had pre cancer skin problems in the past.
    So who still feels the need to sit in the sun with little protection????
  2. No-one with more than just half a brain.
  3. I find it very ugly. I think people with tans don't no how ugly they look. I see people with major wrinkles in their early 30s or later 20s already looking like late 40s lol They look very fake with age spots all over them and plain awful. I think getting a moderate tan is ok though and then complete it with a fake one. And then there are people who fake their tan to the extreme and look like a pumpkin.
  4. To me real honest the thing that got me to stop laying out in the sun and using spf-lotion everyday was not cancer, but wrinkles... it's a little screwed up, but hey -- it worked for me :p
  5. I really don't care for dark tans that are obviously from a tanning bed. It seems the color is a little different than from people who are naturally dark complected. For a little color, I like tanning lotions like Jergins Daily Glow. I really really don't like a dark tanned face.
    And believe me, once you reach a "certain age" it can become really expensive to undo the damage (wrinkles, sun spots etc.) intentionally inflicted in pursuit of a "healthy glow"!
  6. ^^^Oh good Lord that IS frightening!
  7. I have many friends that still enjoy basking in the sun for hours... turning VERY dark shades. I grew up swimming outdoors, and wore sunscreen. But ended up having quite a few pre-cancerous spots. Now I stay inside or wear 45 SPF always.
  8. There are no words for those pictures......OMG
  9. IMO only natural dark skin is beautiful! I think if God didn't give it to you naturally just get used to what he did give

    I've seen people with those dark leather looking tans and it's just doesn't look good at all.
  10. I stay out and tan but I wear high SPF like 35 or 45. I really don't like tanning too much either....ahhh wrinkles! and of course your risk of skin cancer
  11. I can't see why some people like tanning. I hate the whole California look (tanned skin, blonde hair). I'm fair skinned and try to keep it so as much as possible!
    Of course I respect people that tan.. it's just a matter of personal preference. I like looking natural much better.
  12. I have just recently started getting out in the sun a lot this summer for soccer and rugby games/tournaments, and when I do I use spf 30 on my face and body. I don't burn but I am still getting dark. Is this harmful too? I like a little bit of color which is why I'm not using spf 45. Is 30 enough?
  13. it seems to be more common among older women, especially in the UK because we hardly see the sun.i have an aunt who is almost 60 and she uses sunflower oil when she sunbathes!!!!!!!!!!!