Do people stare....

  1. Ok there is no way to do this thread without sounding like a great big vain pot

    I'm not trying to be but I just had to ask

    Do you notice a lot of people starring at you...ok actually I know they are not starring at me it's actually my bag but does this happen to you...not just sly glances but full on stares

    I've had full tables turn around to look at my miroir lockit and people take sneaky pics (it was definately of my bag it was a blank wall behind me)

    does it happen to you guys too??

    Once again honestly I'm not a great big vain pot
  2. I do get some loud whispering and stares when I carry my Priscilla. She's so gorgeous that people can't help themselves. :smile:
  3. Yes, I do get stares which sometimes makes me feel a little uncomfortable to be honest...

    BUT I have a story I HAVE to share:
    In High School this girl broke into my locker stole my purse (it wasn't even designer), $$, phone, etc.. Well, I got everything back but the $$. A few years down the road I saw her at the mall and I was carrying my Black MC Speedy. We were in the same store and very close to one another, she was staring like crazy and giving me these mean looks! But the funny part is, she was wearing a FAKE LV Backpack!! It was so fake and hideous, I couldn't help but laugh afterwards. It was the ultimate revenge.
  4. I get a few stares when I'm in the grocery store but dang, I'm only carrying a Speedy 25 - :shrugs: -

    I did have someone ask me what kind of purse it was - the cashier .. which was weird because it's the classic Monogram style ..

    I guess not everyone knows LV
  5. The mirroir is quite a bag, labeladdict. I would stare at it too, if I saw one being carried IRL. Also, I stare at LV when I'm out & about, especially brown mono. I just really love the look (the pattern is entrancing to me...tee hee) and I honestly can't help myself.

    For example, today I went to LV to pick up a bag I had sent in for repairs. On my way out I saw 2 different ladies with the Batignolles Horizontal. I was carrying my dentelle batignolles and I still stared at the bags...they're just so beautiful. Further up the block, I saw a mono bucket...stared at that one, too.

    I find that while not too many people stare at me, no matter what LV I'm carrying (mono, multicolore, mirage, dentelle, etc.) there's always people staring at the bag.
  6. My Mirage speedy got stared at quite a bit at the mall. I didn't even notice, half the time it was DH who pointed it out. I wonder if people are staring because they think it's fake, because someone was staring and it was a dirty look kind of stare, not an admiring your bag kind of stare :confused1:
  7. Yes, I do get stares when I'm carrying an matter what one it is
  8. yeah i do too and i stare at other lv's so its all good :smile:
  9. Sure I suppose I get stares but whatever. I went with a date to a semi dive bar last night LOL and brought my Speedy 25. I didn't care what anyone else thought, and actually my date was cool enough to grab it for me off the (clean) rug before he took me home. awww...
  10. I would definitely stare (and give a compliment) at a Mirage, but it would be admiration! They are so beautiful and mesmerizing :smile:
  11. lots of stares.. but I think its because in my area there is mostly coach and dooney.. now if I drive 30 minutes to costa mesa where the LV store is that mall is full of LV.. Me I just love looking at bags :O)
  12. i get lots of stares maybe because of my young age, especially when i'm in school!
  13. I definitely stare at other people's LV's lol, I definitely do some headturns if I see a nice bag go by! :graucho: Not sure if people have stared at mine, though, it's not the most obvious of bags.
  14. I get stares but not so much my bag... more my shoes (maybe b/w I look young)

    I was at the airport wearing my LV denim wedges and these group of girls were staring at my shoes... I didn't get what they were looking at until one of them pointed down to my shoes.

    I have to say it is a tad uncomfortable to have people staring at you
  15. ^ I know what you mean sometimes I don't notice it but when people come out with me who aren't used it they feel a little uncomfortable I've kinda gotten used to it, it has to be quiet obvious now to make me feel uncomfortable