Do People Stare/Large Rocks????

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  1. So any of you have people stare :wtf:at your large diamond engagement rings? I sometimes feel uncomfortable wearing mine (3+), because of the stares and comments made.
  2. Yup. I've actually had my hand grabbed at by strangers, which I cannot STAND. I also hate the comments I get- people have said things like, "Look at that rock! Boy, your husband reeeeally loves you!" which I just think is incredibly rude.

    My wedding set is actually moissanite, since I don't wear diamonds (personal reasons). Most people don't realize and assume I have a down payment for a house sitting on my hand. While we paid a pretty penny for my set since it was custom made, it isn't worth what people think it's worth (not monetarily, that is!) so the comments are just ridiculous. Everybody seems to assume a bigger rock = more love. The more money your husband spends, the more he loves you, right?

    I love my ring, I would know my husband loved me a lot no matter what I had on my hand (even if it was a fruit loop), so I hate that judgement that comes with it.

    Sorry. Just had to rant. :cursing:
  3. i stare but only because i cannot fathom why someone would want such a large rock that's all lol no offence intended, it is just that i am not into rocks.

    so just because someone stares doesn't mean it stems from envy or covetousness

    and i find the "oh so big!" comment really redundant
  4. Its such a personal thing I think its really rude if people comment.
  5. Forgive me I am guilty of staring! :P
    but i normally would follow it with a comment like "omg your ring is absolutely stunning!"
    hopefully noone would be offended by that...:sweatdrop:
  6. I'm use to the stares and the comments.
    I actually don't mind it, I know that my ring has a huge diamond and unique setting so I'm flattered when other people take notice on the great job my DH did in designing my ring!:tup:
  7. No offense but I would think if you wish to wear a very large diamond you would not mind people looking at it. If you wanted to be modest, I would think you would just wear a wedding band. It's possible that people are staring wondering if it's real or a CZ. Sometimes when I see women (esp if they are very young) with large diamonds, I wonder.
  8. An admiring look or even a "what a beautiful ring" type comment, is fine but I think people commenting on the size is different. I'm British though and we tend to be more reserved about finances and things related to them!
  9. I'm not married yet, but I love looking at wedding bands and rings on men and women because I am planning my own in my head ;) I make sure not to stare, but I like to take notice just to see what different rings look like and how they seem to fit the wearer's personality.

    I have not made the "omg that's HUGE comment," and can see why it would offend people as well as why people wouldn't care. It's a matter of opinion. I can see it getting irritating though because it really isn't anyone's business why someone is wearing a specific ring.

    My aunt got her wedding ring/band upgraded for an anniversary, and my grandmother is constantly nagging her ("Was it really necessary??!?!"). My aunt gets upset by it- It's her ring, her representation of her marriage to her husband, ya know?
  10. I love big rings & so does my mom! I always check out people's rings but i'll rarely comment. Sometimes i really can't tell if its real or not and i'm sure 98% of the time it isn't! We own a store and sometimes after a customr leaves, my mom will be like "did you see her ring? Is it real?". We own an Italian grocery store so i'm not sure if many women would show up with a really, really expensive ring to buy pasta LOL There was this one customer though, she had this beautiful square cut aqua diamond. The setting was nice too & you can tell it was over 30 years old & real. I always told her how nice her ring was & she said it always meant a lot to her beacuse her husband bought it for her on a trip & i think he died shortly after.

    I don't believe that the size of your rock shows how much your guy loves you. Like hairsprayhead said, i too would be happy with a fruit loop if my BF proposed. A ring is a ring no matter what kind it is or whats on. It all represents & symbolizes the same thing. My grandparents on both sides had plain gold wedding bands and they were married for 50 & the other for 45 years. I would rather have that then some huge ring to symbolize the true meaning of it all. But yes, i will admit i do know what ring (and yes, its big!) i want when the time comes! But only because he said i can pick LOL
  11. I agree. If you're wearing a very large diamond, isn't the point to get people to look?
  12. Sometimes yes, if your personality can handle the staring. I personally would love a huge ring, but it all depends on who I fall in love with and if we can afford it. To be honest, I think I would end up getting my ring because I don't depend on a guy to shower me with that kind of stuff.

    As far as annoying comments go, I could imagine commenting on the size does get tiring. A nice compliment is better; let's be realistic, the person wearing the ring already knows how big it is. Had it been small, would someone comment "Oh look how small that rock is!"...I highly doubt it.
  13. I look but would never dare comment! My thoughts usually go along the lines of, "that's such a pretty ring!"

    They're never looks of envy or jealousy ( i myself am not a big rock kind of gal).
  14. My set isn't huge- the center stone is 1.5, but it FEELS huge to me. It actually drove me crazy. I asked my husband for a rose gold Jes Maharry band saying I would only wear it on my left hand around the house, grocery store, boring day to day errands, and wear it on my right hand most of the time. I had gotten to the point where I was constantly "forgetting" to put my ring on, driving my husband crazy, so this was the perfect solution. I wear it all of the time (left hand)- I love it. It's so much more "me" than my fancy pants set.:P My other set was an upgrade for our 14th anniversary and I wore it one year before I got my sweet little Jes band which has all but replaced it- my poor hubby. I do still break out the nice ring if I'm dressing up. So at this point, nobody is staring at my ring.:nogood:
  15. I was about to comment that this thread is better suited to the "Jewelry Box", but I see that OP already started one there.