Do people stare and check out your LV?

  1. Yesterday I was at a store and this lady(carrying a cheap burbury) was checking out my bag and then she gave me a dirty look and smug grin. Not sure what that was about. Usually people notice my LV but, are relatively neutral. This lady must have been about 40 and I did not quite get her attitude. My bags are authentic and are absolutely gorgeous. Maybe she was jealous or does not like LV. Regardless why be so blantantly obvious.
  2. This usually happens at least once a day at my work. I work at a Casino Resort, so I see tons of Gucci's, LV's, and so forth. I get looks from the ladies who carry higher end bags, and eye-rolling looks from the ones who don't. I just notice things like that, because I like to see what others are carring as well. I love to see different styles of items that I've never seen in person since the nearest LV store is like 2 hours away.
  3. this was fun:

    I was in a fancier drug store and the lady behind the counter helping me (an old-fashioned service type place) saw my ManhattanGM (purchased August) and said "oh is that a new style?", I said "well, it came out last year".
    She said "gorgeous, simply gorgeous!"

    2 seconds later she was looking at the koala locks, and even had her head in the bag smelling the "new handbag smell" and admiring the beautiful lining ! I simply enjoyed her pure enthusiasm for my bag and LV in general.

    he he he
    Having fun with my LV !
  4. I dont pay attention to what other people are staring at.. Its not worth my time or effort. People can be caddy at times thats for sure..
  5. If they do, I don't notice. I'm always in my own little world :lol:
  6. People don't notice my bag here at all. Not when I carry LV and not when I carry Chanel.
    I alwyas notice other people's handbags and always make a nice comment when I like it!
  7. I am with Swanky!!! I always stop people to tell them how much I love their bag/shoes!!!:nuts: DH gets so embarrassed!!!:lol:
  8. ^AW, LMBO!

    I bet the girls you stop aren't embarrassed! We love a sincere compliment from another female don't we!?
  9. How rude. Hey, you should've told her to take a pic that it lasts longer. LMAO!:roflmfao:

    Seriously though,....when people act that way to me then I purposely grab my wh. LV agenda out of my bag or something to irk them more, or turn so they can get a gander at my panda cles, something to be "in their face"....LOL I'm such a brat! But, hey if they're gonna be all snotty then my lil antics shouldn't be a big deal. LOL, I don't do this (all the time) I have to be "in the mood" to do so.

    I can careless what they think,or if they look..whatever. Have a good look! LOL! But..................if they're being all rude then what I said above is what I do...:lol:

    She was just jealous, obviously. What a big butt. :yes:
  10. I don't really notice people looking at my bags. People often comment how much they love them though! Me too!:yes:
  11. Not that I am aware of, and I really could care less what other people think.
  12. I buy Louis Vuitton for myself, so it really doesn't matter to me if people look or not.
  13. I usually get the most stares when I wear my damier speedy compared to most of my bags, but then again I don't have very many bags. I've never gotten any dirty or smugs looks though, just curious stares and compliments every now and them. I do compliment others though when they've got a great handbag!
  14. i usually just smile at people who stare at my bag. i think that might help them feel that people who carry LVs are nice people too LOL. :angel:
  15. Where I live people always stare at my bags, especially my multicolours...I love it though!! I always pretend not to notice their stares, but of course I can see them from the corner of my eye.. However, last weekI got the dirtiest look from a young woman as we were standing in line at a drugstore. First she was checking out my manhattan gm, then she gave me jealous looks for the rest of the time we were in queue. I pretended to look elsewhere, but it just shows that she's not the type of person who can handle other people being able to own something that she can't!