Do people say thank you anymore?

  1. Nishi actually posted a few days ago about thank you notes. That was a really interesting thread. However, after what happened to me, I'm not sure if people say 'thank you' IRL anymore.

    This is about a group project. We were assigned a research problem for an advanced class I am taking this semester. It involved some analytical solutions and some coding.

    We met up twice to discuss the progress. I had done some work along similar lines and so I derived the analytical solution. the others promised to code it. However, a long time went by and no-one did seem to be coding it, so I coded it myself and sent copies of my code to the rest of the class to verify, extend and question. That means that almost all of the work on the problem is now done.

    I sent it out but until now, no-one, not a single person ever acknowledged receipt of my solution. I thought that no-one had got it, and asked if they had received my email. They all had.

    But did I get a 'thanks for sending this so we didn't have to work our asses off on it' or 'thanks for trying to find the solutions' ? No

    I wonder if the situation is similar in other office environments where group projects are the norm?
  2. That's really rude and those people deserve to be slapped. I would have been extremely appreciative, you are after all doing most of the work, which means less for them!
  3. I think what you did absolutely deserved at the very least a thank you. This is one of my huge pet peeves. I was raised to ALWAYS say thank you. It's so simple and takes less than a second to say! I am in the process of passing this teaching on to my twin 2 year old girls now. Nothing irks me more than holding a door open for someone and they walk right in and by me without a word. I often say "you're welcome" a little on the loud side. Maybe it defeats the purpose of my nice gesture, but for some reason I can't help myself.
  4. You definately deserved a thank you! That was very rude and the least they could have done was hit the reply button and type a few letters acknowledging that they got the coding.
  5. Oh, I'm guilty of doing this too. I also say "excuse you" when people bump into me and they say nothing. I'm ruthless sometimes!:mad:
  6. Apparently, your fellow classmates have a very high sense of entitlement. Pretty sad that they couldn't even let you know that your work saved them time - time that should have been used to convey a thank you. Hope this doesn't put you off from still doing
  7. UH! You poor thing..I would be livid..inconsiderate a**holes!! I always hold the door for people, say 'excuse me' when I need 'to pass' in a grocery store..pick things up for people when they drop things..etc etc....When people don't respond with a friendly smile or 'thank you' I call them every name in the freakin' book in my mind..I'll be smiling and silently running off so many expletives you'd be shocked....I'd like to think I'd get a spot in heaven for all the good deeds I do, but I probably have ruined all my chances by thinking nasty thoughts about these people! You did a very very nice thing to benefit your study group...It just sucks you didn't get positive feedback the way you should have!!!
  8. Saying "thank you" is just natural for me. I really do believe it comes down to how you're raised. My parents really emphasized having good manners and being courteous to others. I encounter people everyday that have a sense of entitlement and do not acknowledge how hard others work. It's sad really.
  9. How rude! :cursing: Since it is a group project, I would send an email detailing all the work that had to be done and writing your name beside each task and time spent on it, along with the words "you're welcome," at the end.

    That way, they may think you may share that with your prof., advisor and others, which I think you should. They shouldn't take credit for your work. People do this all the time in science. I have learned the hard way, so now I am very defensive and vocal about any project or paper I am working on. It shouldn't be that way, but it is a mean environment.
  10. In general I think people are getting ruder a simply thank you is really not that hard. has anyone else noticed how when people want to pass now they jsut look at you and don't even ay excuse me.

    I went to a store recently and the woman serving my did not say 1 single word to me I am not exaggerating not 1 word no hello thank you nothing. This got me mad as you can tell it was almost a week ago and I'm still complaining about it!!
  11. Oh this is one of my pet hates people not saying "Thank you" It is the height of bad manners & seems to abound nowadays.
    When I was married I kept a list of each person who had given me a wedding gift & of what that was. After I wrote to each one thanking them, I have given many wedding presents without acknowledgement.
    I always thank & I find so many don't anymore. It all goes down to how the person was brought up, I trained my children to thank for everything & they do. It is just basic manners.
    I understand your frustration with this lot but it is their inadequacy & lack of appreciation, next time let them work it out for themselves!
  12. politeness never hurts! those people in your group might just be really busy with their own lives. however, that gives them no excuse not to acknowledge your work.
  13. Yep, guilty party here as well. I hate when people don't take the 1/2 second to say thank you!! I am ususally the one that says thank you to the cashier after purchasing items and they don't say anything. It drives me insane!!:cursing:
  14. That's a little mean.

    I was taught to say please and thank you, and I'm glad I was. It's common courtesy and it's very important. I don't even do the dismissive 'thanks.' I do the genuine, "Oh, thank you!'
  15. I always say thank you...I think it's the polite thing to do so.