Do people return for retail price?

  1. Ok so I was wondering...

    If someone bought a bag off eBay and it had all the tags and everything but they got it for below retail... would Coach take it back and give them full price credit or something????

    They could say they got it as a gift?

    I was just wondering if people actually do this.
  2. I think people do actually do this... but I think coach keeps track of how many items you return.
  3. people do it, but it's not ethical, and very wrong.
  4. Yes, I'm sure some people do this:tdown: and unfortunately because of people taking advantage of Coach's return policy, I have a feeling in the future Coach will have no choice but to rethink their return policy. This is unfortunate for those of us that don't abuse the return policy.:yes: In the end we will all pay for this one way or another.:sad:
  5. Ah ha I did read those. Thanks! I should have searched!
  6. Yes, this is why some sellers offer gift receipts, and most of the time the stores will take it back. Their return policy is very liberal. Probably eventually as with Costco, they will have to revise it as people continue to abuse the policy. Then it will adversely affect all the honest people!
  7. That was why I mentioned it in the thread on the shopping section. There is a seller on eBay who (used to?) advertise a method of making tons of money on eBay.

    He actually sent out information to buyers that told them what stores had liberal return policies and that you should buy discounted stuff on ebay and take them back to the full price stores.
  8. I was browsing through Ebay the other day and someone was selling a Bleecker I think, for half of the price retail and advertising right on their auction that whoever bought it could return it to Coach for the full price. I think it's not fair, and also not fair for those of us who have legitimate returns and get snuffed at.

  9. I completely agree with you, and I remember reading your thread about your pwn horrible return situation. That was AWFUL, and I hope you resolved that!!
  10. Yeah that's def. true. I haven't returned much and actually I hardly GO INTO a Coach store but I do hate that fact.

    I was just wondering because I do see so many bags with tags going for under retail and I wasn't quite sure of Coach's return policy if you didn't have a reciept and such.
  11. I have no words for either of these. :shocked: It's just so bad on so many levels. I know that we can't force people to be honest but when people are encouraging and *teaching* others how to do it... wow.
  12. i think it is very unethical and coach needs to change their return policy. they need to require receipts..IMHO
  13. For any merchandise that is not currently selling in a store, Coach will call the Factory store and give the lowest selling price on an item that is being returned without a receipt. People try and scam retail stores all the time, so I am glad that they do this. I also believe that they should require receipts for returns, so people can't pull the ebay trick or try and return something stolen for store credit. I am betting that they will be forced to require receipts for returns in the future.
  14. Is there anything against returning a Nordstrom bag to a Coach store if you recieved it as a gift from another state and you don't even have a Nordstrom near you?