Do people recognize your bag as a BV or designer?

  1. Do people recognize your bag as a designer bag, or expensive?

    I love that it's a "stealth wealth" bag... those who know and recognize quality can spot this gem on your arm. I love that it attracts attention based on design and aesthetic alone, not because of flashy logos.

    Half of my friends, even those who are more designer-minded, would not recognize a BV bag.

    Any thoughts?
  2. The only ones who recognize that it is a bv are SA or close friends. Most people just think that it is a pretty bag!
  3. Intlset - A while back we were talking about this very thing :nuts:. Here are some comments that were made. They are worth repeating, lol!:woohoo:

    BlueGenes said - "...because on the one hand i keep thinking that BV bags are so non-descript, so un-ostentatious... but somehow they still manage to be sublimely beautiful, don't they? sigh. :heart:"

    I said - "It's like a little secret between you and your BV bag, lol! They don't get that constant attention from passersby, but you know the truth.:heart:"

    armcandyaddict said - "i love that bv doesn't get the perpetual stares that most lvs or chanels do. and of course don't get me started about the unbelievably soft, smooshy lambskin, the intricate signature weave, the lightness of the bag, the intense timeless colours, the luxurious suede lining, etc. etc. etc.! gee,:love: i'm seriously addicted."

    ...aaahhhhhh, like music to the ears!
  4. ^^^
    Oh! My apologies for being redundant.
  5. Intlset - No, it is never reduntant to talk about how beautifully understated BV bags are. I just remember those comments and how good they are to read. This is a truly wonderful brand. There are many passionate BV enthusiasts on this forum. :girlsigh:

    Have you been to the Chicago BV boutique lately to see the new bags? I just talked to Kevin today, he is a great SA.
  6. It's one of the reasons I love BV. I honestly don't like status bags, I want them for the quality.
  7. I love that my bag isn't noticed as designer - it's beauty makes it stand out as a well-made bag. No one knows its worth but me (and DH)!
  8. Similar to what kiss_p said, only the BV SA could identify my belt and wallet. To everyone else, they are just interesting and unique. I like it when it is so subtle and not in-your-face loud.
  9. I recognize a BV when I see one, but then I'm a bag addict, so I would. *L*

    There was a woman in my work building the other day, who had the most gorgeous bronze colored veneta. I recognized it instantly. :smile:
  10. I've only had one person recognize my BVs by name - the cashier at the drug store saw my noce Montaigne and lit up and asked if it was a BV. Then when I went to pay she exclaimed "you have a wallet too!". It was nice that she clearly appreciated BV and was excited to see them. No one else (including several women at my law firm who clearly spend a fair amount on designer bags) who has seen me with my BVs appears to have any knowledge of the brand - except the SAs at the two local stores that carry BV. I love that only a few people are in on it!
  11. No, I haven't! I will ask for Kevin, however, when I go in. It's so nice of you to recommend him. I'm sure he appreciates the new business you send his way. My Chanel SA sends me a thank-you card everytime one of my friends who I introduced to her buys something.
  12. BV is really really popular in Dubai. The Ocean colour this season has practically sold out. I love that it's low key and luxe and timeless. It doesn't scream "It" bag or "trendy".
  13. ^

    Probably also cos the Oceano is SOOOOO gorgeous! :love"
  14. Sometimes I come across women with authentic designer bags and they give me the understanding look when we pass each other in the street. I guess there are so many fake bags out and about that actually carrying the real deal creates a certain bond between us, even when we don't actually know each other.
  15. When people recognize, I'm like;), but if they don't, I'm still :smile:. It's just a fabulous feeling that you know it's so good quality but not flashy.