Do people only recognize *** Coach C pattern now?

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    So yesterday I was at my daughter dance competition and someone there had a British Tan Coach Station Bag. I walked over to it and picked it up. I said wow I have yet to see one of these is the BT color.

    One of the girls grand mothers said to me - "wow.. That is a Coach bag? How do you know? I thought they only have the C pattern on them now. "

    I told her these were vintage and she laughed and said - if those are vintage I must be old! Lol!

    I must admit before I learned better a year ago that was always how I ID a Coach was that C pattern and it never appealed to me. But now I know how to spot a Coach among other brands too.. Lol.

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  2. I think most people unless thy are familiar with coach (or any name brand) wouldn't know most of the leather or plain bags from any other.
  3. Yeah it kinda makes my eyes roll when someone complements a fake Coach bag on someone standing near me and don't even recognize a real one since its vintage leather.
  4. Good point...
  5. One of my co-workers made a similar statement when commenting on a bag I was carrying a couple of years ago. She asked me what brand it was. I told her Coach and she said something about how she thought all Coach bags had the C's on them.
  6. Haha! :lolots:This is so funny and true. Coach was always one of those bags that flew under the radar until they started putting the C's all over everything. I actually LOVE that my vintage leather Coach bags won't be easily recognized. In fact I have a leather one that I got at an outlet years ago and the entire reason I bought it was because it was leather and it didn't have C's all over it. Whenever I would carry that bag, every now and then someone would notice the hang tag and act all surprised that it was Coach.

    I'm just starting to re-acquaint myself with Coach again now that they have their Classic line out. I love that they at least brought those styles back, even if they don't have the same great quality, and they're still so beautiful and stylish. I like carrying things that are timeless.
  7. True.

    Most people don't know... or don't care... if someone has a brand name vs. "normal" item.

    With the crap economy and usual daily life troubles, I wouldn't expect anyone to give a flying flip if I have a Coach vs. Merona, a Porsche vs Pinto, or what have you. What someone owns is the least of anyone's concerns, really. I buy things for myself to enjoy... if someone notices and compliments, cool.. if not, even better.

    I bought a Coach for the (hopefully) long-lasting quality. I would rather people around me don't notice-- or just don't care-- what brand it is. I got a plain bag without the logos printed all over.