Do people "judge" you for carrying a Chanel?

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  1. You're ABSOLUTELY right! I got blindsided by the negative experience that it eventually became a primary concern. I'm truly appreciative of the reminder!

    This is insightful for me. I look younger than my age (it's a blessing and a curse) and this resonates with me knowing where the negativity comes from. I'm at a point where I built my career and have been financially stable for some time now, but it is reassuring to learn this issue will get better in the years to come.

    I can imagine! I also felt like that the first time I touched a Chanel. It does that to people. :loveeyes:

    My feelings exactly! Recently a SA told me "I think women don't want to be happy for other women" and it's sad but life shows that it's also true. I believe you're on the money when you mention that it says more about them and not you. Good for you for letting it go! Completely noted!

    I never thought of it but I think you're right. My DH likes it when I wear my luxury goods because he enjoys them, also. I might be pushing it, though, because he's now starting to have a slight heart attack whenever we see a Chanel store. I'm :yahoo: and he's :eek:LOL
  2. Love all the thoughts quoted in this post and all your responses!

    Your SA really hit the nail on the head about some women not wanting to be happy for other women. I find it really sad that this is the case, but some others don’t like to see us suceed! I say wear your Chanel with pride !
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  3. My husband too! You can almost see his heart sink and his eyes glaze over
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  4. Yes, I feel judged. I had a “very good friend” tell me in a fight that I don’t do anything other than buy designer bags and decorate my house. Yes, I do those things. But, at the time of the fight, my dad died a year before, my mom had days before been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer (terminal), and I was a sahm to 4 kids 6 and under including 2 year old twins. Yes, I feel judged but not enough to stop wearing my favorite things. I am very grateful and I don’t brag, so why not? Life’s too short to defend my decisions.
  5. I found that once I've stepped into the world reserved only for men in my business/friends circle: promotion, high(ish) salary, expensive hobby, comfortable travel (eg.first class to work paid by myself not the business) i've been nothing but slapped in my face with female judgment: from sugar daddy comments (WTF?) to open public questions around 'so how many thousands you have in bags etc'. Heyho I don't care now but i bet one day it will be sort of mee too situation for many girls. My male colleague (son of a millionaire) wearing only the high-end designers or another colleague flying every weekend first class long distance get only praise on how cool and edgy their lifestyles are.
  6. I don't wear my Chanel woc when I'm with people that can recognise the brand and judge me for such an expensive bag.
    To be honest I can't share my passion for luxury handbags with no one around me, they don't understand and consider luxury purses just a waist of money.
    That's why I'm here in this forum where you can understand me!
  7. I think this is a personality and an age thing. When I was younger, sure I cared more about what others everything, not just bags. There was a need to impress. Now that I'm in my...(clear throat)...40s...I wear and do things because it makes me happy. Do I care if that woman thinks my Chanel is fake? Not one bit, I know it's not. There is an ease with being older and carrying the nice stuff, you are being sized up and less about being judge. Lets face it, we don't carry or buy Chanels so that we can sit in the corner of a room (no one puts Baby in the corner??). So enjoy the stares and enjoy the murmurs - as long as you carry yourself well and are polite to everyone - stealing a tagline: if people are talking behind your back, then you're the one in front.
  8. This is so me too!! I just turned 40 and something changed when that happened. I think it was starting to build for a while, but when I turned 40 it just hit me how little I cared. I buy them to enjoy them. And nothing is wrong with that
  9. Everyone judges, on anything, things you spend money on, things you eat, places you go, people you make friends with, etc etc, literally anything. I hate that but it’s the reality. Like there isn’t enough spark in life so people need to find every little “outstanding” thing to make a comment. And designer bags, omg it’s such a huge thing and tremendous amount of money, how can people pass on that?! Lol Honestly I think some women just like to state how much you spend/waste money on designer bags in front of her bf/husband, so that she can show how frugal she is as a contrast.
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  10. I don’t have this problem, thankfully. My mom is a bit of a shopaholic, and even though she doesn’t buy any high end designer bags (she buys more Coach and Michael Kors), she never makes any disparaging comments about my purchases. She likes to shop, so she understands me lol. She’s complimented several of my bags :blush:
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  11. I’m currently single, but I worry that when I meet my future SO’s family, some female relative of his will recognize my bags and tell them how much they cost lol :frown:
  12. Mostly, no. People are quite gracious in this area about what people do, or don’t choose to wear.
  13. I don't feel judged but possibly people do talk amongst themselves :oh: I can't say I care though :lol:

    It's weird, I don't feel the need to justify or explain myself to people very much. It's a by-product of my upbringing I expect. My husband and my mother and sister and my very close friends 'get' me. They're the people whose opinions I care about. Everyone else is just white noise to me, to be honest.
  14. I agreeing with u...worry about other people is not really worth u said life is short..enjoy ur purses..
  15. But what I’d really wanna say is “definitely more than what your wearing!” :lol: j/k
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