Do people "judge" you for carrying a Chanel?

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  1. YES!!
  2. Yeah... I guess you’re righy , people are judgemental but why do we care!
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  3. Great thread. People can be so judgmental, right?! I carried my Speedy to the inlaws on Christmas which I knew was going to result in lots of snarky comments and judgments. This from people who spend a lot of money on a lot of things. But it’s like I am not allowed to have nice things.

    So of course my Chanel bags and brooches remain hidden around them, as well as around some snarky friends. When my inlaws visit this spring I will actually have to hide my Chanel’s in the attic. It stinks I cannot wear/use them around them, but I’ve learned it’s not worth dealing with because they can be pretty awful.
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  4. Love this :biggrin::heart: Going to copy your questions, if I have the gumption to say them to any of my obnoxious inlaws lol:nuts:
  5. Wow, I love this post. I own many luxury bags but only one Chanel. I've only carried it out a few times and even then have noticed that everybody stares. I like to hope that they're just appreciating the bag and not judging me but it's always on my mind.
  6. It’s crazy that we must hidden our treasures around them. But i think it wise to make our family “judgements person”, not feel envy to us ;D
    Because, you know, family circle is always there around us.
    So let’s bring our treasures in other occasion with happy
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  7. Understand your dilemma and sounds like u r handling it the easiest way for you.
    It is funny, the differences in people, I grew up with relatives who turned their nose up if one didn’t have expensive cars, furniture, etc.They thought you’d be unsuccessful or losers. So I used to fill my arms up with beautiful gold jewelry and carry the best purses, and they smiled at me affectionately. Thus, we all deal with goofy relatives one way or the other.
  8. You should use the things u love around them and don’t bother with their comments.
    Try to ignore their comments and with time they will quit.
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  9. My standard response to people who make comments or family who ask “ how much” is.......bought it at a garage sale for 5 dollars. This has been the response to my Mother-In-Law for both Chanel and Hermès
  10. I feel u, thats why sometimes i felt that I'm not going to carry it because of people sais, but luckily some of my family member ( my husband side ) dont know what sluxury items my co workers judging but I really dont care what other people said..Judgemental is around the area no matter where u r, they r there...Just enjoy ur luxury items.. :smile:
  11. LoL. Mine is “ONE. MILLION. DOLLARS!”
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  12. If I said a million, my M-I-L would believe me! LOL!
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  13. i dont wear Chanel because of what others things, i wear it coz i like it! that should give some comfort to you....
  14. I used to worry wearing them because of what people would think like I spend too much on bags etc lol but half the time most people aren’t into bags won’t know the value anyway so I have tried to wear it more. I still sometimes avoid wearing it around friends silly I know but I just didn’t want to attract attention lol
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