Do people "judge" you for carrying a Chanel?

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  1. Good point!
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  2. I am in my 20s and work in a male dominated industry but every once in a while there will be another girl on my project that recognizes my luxe taste. I have found that in a professional setting (particularly client-facing roles) having nice things gives you more credibility. I have had clients step up to shake my hand rather than senior leadership because having a nice bag/watch/jewelry helps create a "presence" and people respect that. They want the qualified people on their case... That said, the only time I have encountered pettiness is with female coworkers who are fortunately junior to me. Can't speak for more senior ones because, well, I have yet to work with one :sad: looking to change that!!!
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  3. Does he try to convince you that his hobby is better than yours? I get so annoyed by that.
  4. I work in a small office, so word of my handbag collection spread pretty rapidly. No disparaging remarks so far, just some lighthearted ribbing. I’m single with no kids, so my coworkers know I’ve got the money for luxury items.

    I know a lot about the high end bags I buy (types of leathers, brand history, resale values, etc) so I think my coworkers appreciate the fact that I don’t buy them just for social status. Plus they see my bags and generally tell me I have good taste.

    Maybe they talk crap about me behind my back... don’t know, don’t really care enough to stop carrying them. I didn’t spend money on bags just to have them collect dust in my house.
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  5. I honestly don’t care what people think or don’t think. I know I worked hard to afford my chanel collection. I worked my a** off to get where I am at today. I always have a chanel piece on me whether it’s my bag, shoes, clothes or accessories. I love each and everyone of my chanel pieces. I’ve learned in life that haters are going to hate. If you start caring about what people are going to think you will never be happy. So I choose happiness :smile::heart:
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  6. It seems out of all the brands, Chanel garners the most envy for me. Even more than my Hermes Birkins do. This is a story of my adventures out, with my smallest Chanel: The Chanel Wallet on Chain!

    A little background: I am a guy. I happen to be gay, but I don't like to box wardrobe accessories in my mind as "female or male." I shamelessly rock my WoC or Jumbo Flap or Boy Bags.

    I mean hey, if Gabrielle Chanel reinvented the men's wardrobe for women and dressed very unisex, why can't I rock a Chanel?

    On New Year's, I was at a party with a friend and his work acquiescence. Right off the bat, I had a weird feeling as girl "A" decides to point to my lambskin WoC and in her own weird way, boasting "Oh my God, you have a nicer bag than I do!" I sensed something was off, but I didn't pay much mind to it because who knows, maybe she was trying to "humble brag?"

    As the party goes by, 30 mins. later, girl "A" goes on a tyrannical rant about how apparently my vibe is all wrong? I guess she had one too many and thinks she's part of Fashion Police. This all started because I just asked her about my outfit and if she thinks my WoC fits my frame better as a shoulder bag or cross-body. :confused1:

    Apparently she thinks I'm not gay enough? (My private thoughts that whole time: "What the h*ll? HONEY, I'M WEARING LAMBSKIN CHANEL, DOWNTOWN! YOU ARE DELUSIONAL!") Of course I would never say this outloud, I was raised to know better.

    She goes on and on about how apparently I seem like a straight guy who is trying too hard to "be gay" and I should just let it go. (?) I have yet to even understand what that's even supposed to mean. (At this point she's already embarrassingly intoxicated, and I couldn't even follow what her conversation was even about.)

    She then keeps saying the same phrase over and over for approximately 10 minutes "OMG, I don't believe in Chanel or any of that! I like, just don't believe! I like just don't believe in all of that!"

    I had no idea what her rant was about from my outfit, to the rant about Chanel.

    Considering that she works literally a block away from the Houston Chanel Boutique, perhaps she thinks the boutique is a part of her/someone else's imagination? I'm so sad she doesn't believe in Chanel, I guess she thinks they're like mythical beings of lore or something. :sad:

    I learned that night that to some people, Chanel's ARE unicorns! :P Maybe next time I run into her at my hair stylist's salon, I should bring this season's Chanel Catalogue! I'll make her into a believer! (Just Kidding!)

    Envy looks good on no one. :sick:
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    Thank you for starting this thread.
  8. Laughing uncontrollably while reading this—thank you for sharing.

    Amen to all the posts on this thread. We carry our CCs because they make us happy. No need to justify to the haters.
  9. You are hysterical......and quite congenial too. As the saying goes "haters gonna hate". Keep buying and styling
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  10. Keep rocking your Chanel. I also don't get why people have to limit others' fashion choices or style based on gender or sexual orientation. It makes no sense to me. Recently a guy asked me if his rings looked "feminine" and I told him to rock them.
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  11. I'm sure they do and I don't care.

    People will judge others no matter what. It has nothing to do with Chanel.
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  12. I have started to collect handbags and shoes recently but I don't like it getting mentioned when I wear them, I feel uncomfortable. Recently my boyfriends cousin (woman) asked him in front of family what shoes and bag I am wearing to a wedding and he told her it was a matching Valentino bag and shoes. Apparently they were a bit taken aback and asking questions about it. I've told him never to mention brand names to anyone again haha. Even typing this now I am cringing.
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  13. No, I don't think so. I am so casual with my clothing and my attitude that I don't think people really notice what bag I am carrying unless I go into Neimans. I get the occasional compliment on the color or shape of a bag, but nothing snide. The last comment I got was from a TSA agent who was putting my red Jumbo through the x-ray machine (it's not exactly an under-the-radar bag). He said "That's a pretty Gucci, young lady". I was so happy he called me "young" that I did not correct him on it being Chanel :nuts::biggrin:
  14. I have mixed feelings on this. I have friends who have no idea what a chanel is let alone if it is real or not. Then I have friends who know me and know it’s real and say how do afford that?!? My family (not my in-laws) never question and know me. My sister in-law sometimes asks and it makes me feel awkward. Moral of my story is I rather you not know and think it’s fake than someone who knows it’s real and judges!
  15. I think its sexist that women even feel the need to justify. Men dont justify watches, golf equipment, cars, or other toys. They can just own it meanwhile women are judged and gossiped about by other women. Its disappointing.