Do people "judge" you for carrying a Chanel?


May 8, 2006
Hello All,

Do you feel people judge you (in a bad way) for carrying such an expensive bag? I've been receiving comments like "another chanel?" from close family and friends. They are in utter disbelief that I would spend so much on a bag. Last night, I was out with my in-laws and they were literally "hounding" me on price and how many bags I have . I was taken aback and quite frankly didn't know what to say (so didn't answer their questions). it was the most awkward moment...

I have another dinner with the in-laws next week and would love to carry my new chanel but I'm afraid if I carry yet another one, sister in law would fall off the deep end...

Question to all of you....Do you get negative comments about your passion for Chanel bags and if so, how do you handle it? what is your response? do you think i should keep my chanel bags from the inlaws and just play it down to avoid any judgment from them?

thanks so much. no one in my inner circle gets my passion for chanel bags. my immediate family thinks I've gone off the deep end buying 8 in the past 4 some ways i do agree but hey, i love my chanels! :tup:



Nov 7, 2016
Hi Val! I got my 1st chanel bag in square mini after saving for few yrs. :smile: In early December I carried it to my in law birthday dinner. I was a bit hesitated to carry it out too cos it's a very expensive bag n may attract 'spotlight' on my bag n I was worried ppl may asked n stared too. My hubby encouraged mi to carry it. He said if i dun ever carry it out, then when? So I carried it out.
After the dinner while leaving the place I noticed my sister in law was staring at my bag. I felt awkward. But she didnt ask anything.
I find different ppl hav different passion or interest. Like my sister in law, she like watches n there were few occasions she will show her rolex watch to us n even joke the watch was worth our few months salary. Zzz...
I still believe in ' every woman must hav at least one luxury bag that can last a lifetime.' Hehe..
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Apr 19, 2015
In most occasion, I do not carry my chanel bags at all.
- I do not want to baby care it. I feel like I am a bag slave to stress myself need to take care of them when I am going out with them.
- People will talk BEHIND about it during lunch time/coffee break. Being they are your colleagues, bosses or family members
- It depends your main purpose why you need to carry for that occasion/event. But however no matter what, to others, it will always classified as Show Off.
Dun get me wrong, is not that I do not have Chanel bag. I am definitely not jealous. Although I have so many Chanel bags I, myself do feel
uncomfortable and will stare and cannot comprehend why they need to carry especially some people the way they carry it in addtion, with that kind of snobbish
look as if only they have Chanel bag to carry.
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Dec 4, 2016
So glad for this post! I feel exactly the same all the time.
I own many Louis Vuitton and CHANEL bags. I love luxury designers and items. I have been very lucky I have a lovely hubby who has a very good job and own my own small business and am a veterinary nurse and work mostly long shifts so I can afford them.
I don't see why people, family and friends have such a problem with it! They are not buying them and it does not effect them in anyway.
I get asked all the time so what has he brought you now or oh another CHANEL or Louis [emoji86]
In my experience people will always be judge mental when they don't have it themselves!
Unfortunately many people can't be happy for anyone else when they are jealous/want or don't have it themselves.
So don't worry when you get asked or looked at because you have a CHANEL bag or Louboutin shoes. Just smile at them and look at your gorgeous bags/shoes or jewellery which you have earned/have and love [emoji57][emoji5]


Oct 6, 2014
Woodbridge, NJ
So happy to know that I am not the only one feeling this way. When I wear my LV or Chanel around family or friends, they always have something to say about how much it costs and how many bags I have. I love my collection and I rotate them so no one feels left out. Lol. I just simply say that "some people have a stamp collection I have a bag collection" and smile.


May 31, 2013
New York
Unfortunately we can not always control what other people say, do, or how they feel. It is true that Chanel bags cost a lot and everyone knows about it. It is also true that the best way to avoid being judged is simply to not buy it or to not carry it because, whether you will know about it or not, other people will judge you. So I think there are only two options of dealing with it: first is not buying/carrying what makes you feel unconfortable, and second just carrying it no matter what others say/think. If someone asks "Is that a real Chanel? How much did you pay for it?" just politely say "Yes, it is, and I worked hard to buy it." Or if someone is really bugging you with "Gosh, that must have cost a fortune! How much did you pay for that?" say "As much as some others would for a private island!" After that people usually leave you alone and do not ask silly questions.
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Apr 5, 2014
People stare but I don't give a flying monkeys. When friends say something I ignore. Family (including in laws) r polite. My younger brother is actually very proud that I can afford them. Enjoy ur bags, they fulfil a purpose whilst you choose to have them. No need to explain this to anybody.


Jan 3, 2017
I definitely avoid carrying some of my bags around my mother in law for this reason. I was carrying my LV soft lock it (she has several smaller canvas LVs so not like she doesn't have any nice bags) and we were at the mall one day and she wanted to go into the LV store to look around. She always would ask me how much my bag cost (I played dumb and said it was a gift from my hubby which it was). She then proceeded to point to my bag and ask the SA how much my bag cost. I was mortified! She's also made comments before at how ridiculous the price of Chanel's are.... Hence why I don't bring them around her! I would just prefer not to hear the comments. I definitely don't hesitate carrying my bags in public, although I definitely choose places wisely. It's kind of sad we can't just enjoy our bags freely without feeling awkward!
Oct 7, 2015
I have family members that I don't wear my Chanel bags around but friends aren't friends if they judge you or make negative comments about your passion! I'm so grateful to have a man in my life that doesn't care how much my bags cost and just wants me to be happy but I know how lucky I am to have him as all men do not feel that way...Bottom line, do what makes you feel comfortable and happy :smile:


Jan 9, 2008
Planet Marlena
I get that from co-workers. They think I'm nuts for spending that much on a purse. I just remind them what they spend on their "toys". You know electronics, 4 wheelers, snowmobiles, $2K tires for their truck etc. I tell 'em you buy what you love & I buy what I love. Usually shuts 'em up!
To the OP Val... I'd wear your Chanel. Don't let other ppl's feelings determine your behavior. Do what makes YOU happy!


Jan 28, 2009
I'm not around too many people (at least family), who are into luxury bags etc. To be honest I think they know it's expensive but don't know HOW expensive Chanel can be. I was wearing my reissue on Christmas Eve and my Aunt said to me "is that Chanel?" I told her yes and told her she had taste that she recognized the mademoiselle lock and that most only know the CC and that was that... LOL.


Chanel addicts :)
Apr 29, 2014
I remember some similar old threads like this one in PF and I see we often face this issues unfortunately. You're not alone OP I totally get it. I don't wear my Chanel around those judgmental people. Not worth it and waste our lives, its better to avoid those unpleasant comments. We can share and enjoy ours collections here. We have such nice things and life is short, Lets enjoy :smile: