Do people do this negative thing often? ("My bag's better than yours")

  1. So, I haven't ever had a designer bag until now. I have a $400 Coach large tote bag, which I love.
    My first Coach/designer bag, and I love the quality, I love taking care of it (actually having a bag worth taking so much care of!), and I love how it looks and how functional it is in it's size. I love the others, particularly Gucci and Chanel in particular.

    I was at the store today and this girl of about 17 years old (I'm 21, btw) was looking over at my bag a lot, and just acting really oddly. Eventually she said to her girl friend "My Gucci!!!!" in response to my bag. Like wow... okay then.

    Does this happen to anyone else? Not even just along these lines, but like if someone say has a "bigger" or knowingly more expensive bag then you, do you notice, or in my case HEAR things like this??

    Just curious... maybe someone's got a good story along these lines, too.
  2. well, not exactly like this, but this girl who is carrying an obviously fake LV bucket, had the nerve to say "chanel looks like its for old people" when i was right next to her! i had my chanel petit shopper (this was at lunch in school)
  3. And you know that was jealousy talking. :lol:
  4. Adore- I can relate to what you are saying but must tell you that, that is the cruel world of fashion. Unfortunatly. It is very competitive. I think it is distasteful what that chic did and it shows that she is really the one who had zero class. Coach is awsome.

    Because fashion revolves alot around the seasons it is always changing and it is always better to have that new, exclusive, off the wall bag. I think that a lot of women can relate to the power of carrying a $4500 Special Edition Louis Vuitton that they only made 2000 worldwide, and you've got one.
  5. missbabydolce- I can not believe that someone with the nerve to carry a fake could say anything about your bag. I think I would rather carry a walmart, okay not walmart, a Sears bag then a fake. :0)
  6. :wtf: Thats awful...I think I would of certainly let her know by expression at least at how tacky she was.....

    Ive had this one experience with a lady at the Grove shopping center here that was carring this bag and was like trying to sort it off....this SA was helping her and she kept looking at me and I didnt notice why untill...

    The SA leaned over to me and said that it was a $10K bag! At first I was like, wow how cool.... but then that ladie's (who carried it) attitude totally turned me off. She was looking over to see my reaction or something to her bag...ughhhhh

    I think its nice to enjoy your bag and really adore it but what does that have to do with someone else? It was one of those...I cant beleive that just happened...moment.
  7. Hey Adore, congrats on your tote! :yahoo:

    Yeah, that's the dark side of us girls...back biting and catty-ness due to jealousy! Raow! :rolleyes:

    At least that loser isn't a friend of yours...
  8. I've never really experienced anything like that (worth mentioning) but, then again I'm 45! Usually those negative "people" are under 21 (hopefully) with low self-esteems and trying to prove something!...don't waste another thought on them, they need some growing up to do. Enjoy your beautiful, much loved Coach handbag!
    I should add that there are women MY age who act this way too!...and it's even more sickening because they SHOULD know better!
  9. I'm laughing at the thought of this. LOL. I personally don't care what other people thinks. They assumed their bag is better than yours. Does this make them better than you? Obviously not. Poor girl. She assumed stuff. She doesn't know that you could have a Hermes or lots of LV. They do that to fill a void in their life. They feel they have the need to do that to make themselves feel better. Or maybe they just hate Coach? LOL.
  10. thanks foxmonkey and missparis, she was so rude, in the end i just ignored her and walked off with my sandwhich, if theey're gonna be that way then w/e im not gonna fight back, KWIM?
  11. Urgh. People like these just prove one thing - money doesn't buy class. You can have buckloads of it, but class and elegance is inbred and cannot be bought in a store.
  12. No, I don't think that's ever happened to me, but I generally don't carry very "obvious" bags so people who don't know that much about fashion probably don't care to "compete" with me, and those who recognize my purse realize I am carry a nice purse.

    I get more weird looks for what I'm wearing rather than just for my handbag. :biggrin: I'm more into coordinating my handbag to my entire outfit.
  13. I'm sorry this happened to you. I imagine this happening a lot in college.

    When I was in college I was strangely ignorant of what most people were carrying. There were some girls who carried limited editon Louis Vuittons but they were in the fashion club and in general weren't label-whore-snobby. (OK, so I was friends with them, so maybe they were snobby to other people? No idea. But they did appreciate mix-and-matching and didn't carry a LV for the sake of carrying a LV.) I went to a very unique college, so even though there were a lot of very wealthy girls, for the most part, you couldn't tell the super rich from the upper middle class from the student aid kids. So many had designer bags, it really wasn't an issue.

    But my sister who attends a Big Ten school, she gets a lot of crap from people for what she wears, which handbag she carries. I think there is a lot of jealousy. She doesn't really wear high end designer, she wears almost exclusively J Crew, Ralph Lauren, Rugby (the "collegiate" line of Ralph Lauren -- doesn't sell in the state she lives in though; she buys from Boston, New York and DC), and Lacoste with designer jeans. Most of her dresses are BCBG. I think that's appropriate for a college girl. It's also quite understated. She gets A LOT of negative attention for it though and is called "spoiled" often.
  14. I go a pretty small private college where people talk a lot. I was in the lab one day talking to my friend about how excited I am to graduate and how I'm going to buy myself a LV for graduation, I wasn't talking very loudly by the way. And the next thing I know some random girl moved her seat and sat next to and threw down her FAKE mini sac HL and made a coughing noise. :shrugs: was I suppose to me impressed??? Or like :drool: over it? Next thing I know.... she starts telling me how much she got it for and everything. Okay???:wtf: I don't know you!!!! I know she didnt want to make friends because I've seen her around and she've given me dirty looks before. God knows why. But why did she feel the need to do that? My friend said she later told her friends that I'm a poor kid cause I have to save and she already has one. But its not real!!!:shrugs: did she think her fake bag was better than me?? Some people are just makes my head hurt.:lol:
  15. i encounter that sometimes too veggiesticks, high school sucks when all girls hate each other... but i love high school im enjoying it... n e ways i was saying today, my parents are saving up to buy me a hermes bolide or birkin, and this one girl takes her lv globe cabas (i think its real) off her shoulder and swings it on her hand next to my face, then she tells my friends later that its pretty pathetic to save up for a bag, I bet she doesnt even know wut hermes is...