Do people confuse your Balenciaga with Botkier?

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  1. Today, for the second time, I got a compliment on my bag, followed by, "it's Botkier, right?" I mean, not that I a snot or anything, Botkier is a great brand that makes fabulous purses, but darn it people, it's Balenciaga!!!!!! Give me a hill top and I will scream it!
  2. I just got mine last week, but would be pissed if that kept happening! Then again, as long as you know, that is good enough! You can just think of it as spreading the balenciaga bug whenever you correct someone!
  3. the leather is totally different from botkier. must be people who don't know bags.
  4. The leather and the colors are totally different.
  5. I agree... Not even close. Probably someone who doesn't know bags... even my DH wouldn't make that mistake. :love:
  6. Actually it was the SA at a very trendy, higher-end shoe store. You would think she would know the difference.
  7. Here nobody even recognize my b-bag and I live in a big city (Munich) but it's just because B-bags are not fashionable which I like so I don't carry something everybody else does.
  8. They are so different. How can they even compare..
  9. I think people get the names screwd up.
  10. could be the tassles - both bags have tassles and maybe the SA just associated tassles to Botkier instead of bbags :smile:
  11. Wow, that's amazing. Any chance she was stepping in for the day from the shoe or luggage department (I was trying to think of something completely unrelated)... I totally agree, she should know the difference. Maybe she's new.
  12. my mom gets them confused because of the tassles bit! :smile:
  13. I think its because Botkier has a huge marketing campaign right now and they are getting to the masses, while Balenciaga is still kind of on the 'down low' and not really a mass market item...yet.

    people are associating the long tassles as the point of referrence and going that route. Just my two cents of course .. lol
  14. Ha ha! No one where I live knows what EITHER one of those is! So I don't have to worry about it. No bag recognition here!
  15. no. definitely not.